9 Essential Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix them

Microsoft launched Windows 10 upgrade about a year ago, it brought with it all kinds of changes and feature additions. There is a dedicated Tablet Mode for users with touchscreens who want to interact more naturally with their apps and games. For regular touchless PCs, there’s the Windows Store, full of apps they can download and run, as well as programs like iTunes. Windows 10 is a seriously solid update, almost nothing has changed.

In the week since its launch, we’ve started seeing and hearing about more and more Windows 10 issues. Unlike the problems we saw last week, these problems are not necessarily related to the installation of Windows 10. Instead, it’s about daily use of Windows 10.

Here are some key Windows 10 issues we’ve heard from users. These are just fixes for mundane problems that less tech-savvy users often ask. For more complex issues and issues, see our breakdown of Common Windows 10 Problems and Windows 10 Upgrade Issues.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How To Fix – How To Turn Tablet Mode On And Off

If you have a Windows 2-in-1 computer, you may find yourself thrown to the Desktop after the free Windows 10 upgrade has finished installing. This isn’t really normal as Windows 10 should recognize that there is no keyboard connected to your 2-in-1 and turn on Tablet Mode.

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If you find yourself on the Desktop but using touch, place your finger on the right edge of the screen and swipe left to reveal the screen. There’s also a button on your Taskbar that looks like a message bubble to open the Action Center. Open it under Action Center.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix them – Turn On-Screen Keyboard Out of Tablet Mode

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Except for Tablet Mode, Windows no longer automatically opens the on-screen keyboard. Unfortunately, there’s no way to make the keyboard react the way it does in Windows 8 outside of Tablet Mode. You can still open the keyboard manually. Simply tap the icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Windows 10 Problems and How To Fix – How To Check Windows Store For Updated Apps

If you’re upgrading from Windows 7, the Windows Store and apps are new. Click or tap on the Store Live Tile and explore for new apps. If you’re upgrading from Windows 8.1, you may already have the Windows Store apps installed.

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With tons of changes and better support for mouse and keyboard users, legacy Windows Store apps work in Windows 10, but not exceptionally well. To get the latest versions of your favorite apps, you should check the Windows Store for updates.

Click or tap the icon, it looks like a white shopping bag. By default Microsoft pinned it to the Taskbar. It is also in the Start Menu/Start Screen.

Tap or click the circular icon in the upper-right corner of the Windows Store next to the search bar and select it from the list.


Now click or tap on

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If you have to do this regularly, there may be a problem with your Windows 10 PC. By default, the Windows Store downloads app updates in the background, so you don’t need to check for updates as soon as you hear an app update you want or unless you turn off automatic updates.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix them – How to Record Video Games

Windows 10 has Xbox Live integration. Via the Xbox app, users can watch Gamerscore chats with other PC games and capture screenshots and more to share over Xbox Live. This is the last feature that some people are having trouble with.

To take a picture or record a video from a game, open the title you want to record. Windows 10 should automatically detect games, but if not, press simultaneously. Now choose what you want to do from the Game Bar that appears in the bottom-middle area of ​​your screen. You can record video if your device is rugged enough, all Windows 10 users should be able to take screenshots.

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Note that only media saved from games downloaded from the Windows Store can be uploaded directly to Xbox Live for sharing via the Xbox app.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix them – How to Turn Off Notifications

Windows 8 introduced notifications and Windows 10 became bearable. Action Center gives users a single place to check their pending notifications. The Settings app gives users granular control over which apps send alerts.

Open the Action Center and tap to mute all notifications from whatever app.

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Then, click on it to analyze which apps have permission to send you notifications.

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Microsoft has integrated a Search field directly into the Windows 10 Taskbar. In addition to offering integrated Bing searches, the search bar also houses the Cortana personal assistant.

You should at least try the feature, but if you prefer Google to Bing and don’t plan to use Cortana, don’t put up with the clutter. If you have a mouse, right-click to remove the search bar, or hold your finger if tapping.

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Choose from the Cortana menu.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix them – How to Clean Windows Installation After Upgrade

Many recommend doing a completely clean install of Windows 10 if you’re having problems after upgrading. Clean installs remove everything (apps and all) from your old install, so they’re really only used as a last resort.

Before resorting to this, don’t forget to backup every application and program you want to keep on your PC.

Go to the Settings app and tap or click the Get started button next to Open now.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix them – Live Tiles Gone

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When upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, you may notice that all your Live Tiles are gone. Unfortunately, this seems to happen by design. There is no way to get your Live Tile layout back. You will need to pin all your favorite apps back to the Start Menu/Start Screen.

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Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix: Adding Icons to Desktop

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Windows 10 is missing a lot of icons you’re probably familiar with. Instead, Microsoft has placed shortcuts for accessing Music, Video, Settings and more directly on the Start Screen. Don’t worry though, you can get these shortcuts back to your Desktop pretty easily.

Go to the desktop and there is no icon.

Now tap or click.

Then tap or click from the menu to the left of the Settings app.

Tap or click on the menu.

Now select the icons you want to add back to the Desktop and hit OK.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix them: Seduce Add-ons

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Microsoft heavily promotes the Windows Store in Windows 10, with direct links to what the company thinks users will find interesting. These links are located in the Start area, along with links to the apps you use the most. Fortunately, you can close these links.

Go to the app.

Now tap or click.

Tap or click .

Now flip the switch next to “Show suggestions on startup from time to time”.

Basic Windows 10 Issues and How to Fix: Turning Off Automatic App Updates

Microsoft now allows users to stop automatic app updates from the Windows Store so you can better control what’s going on on your device in the background.

Open the application.

It’s right next to the search box on the right side of the Store app.

Choose from the drop-down menu.

Flip the switch next to “Automatically update apps.”

After this point, you will need to manually update all the apps you downloaded from the Windows Store.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix: Going Back to Internet Explorer

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Microsoft may have removed all links to the old Internet Explorer browser, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to access it at all. It is the only browser that has been tested to work with some of the most important websites on the web. Tap or click the search bar on the Taskbar to find it.

Now type Internet Explorer and click on the shortcut in the drop-down menu.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix: Start Menu Won’t Open

For some reason, Windows 10 has had a problem loading the Start Menu for a long time. Sometimes the screen will surface and you can do what you need to do. At other times, the screen will appear delayed, with 10 seconds or more elapsed between when you tap the button to turn it on and when it resurfaces.

If this is happening to you, check out our guide on what to do when the Windows 10 Start Menu won’t open.

Basic Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix: Finding Replaced Apps

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At this point, Windows 10’s app store is definitely better than Windows 8.1’s app store. At least it’s more organized. For Windows 10 to be truly successful, Microsoft will need to attract more app makers to its goal.

If there is an app that is not yet available, go ahead and check the Store for replacement apps made by third-party developers. There are replacements for Reddit, Twitter, Google Hangouts, and YouTube.

14 Windows 10 Apps: Alternatives to Gmail, YouTube and more

Good luck on Windows 10.