9 Best Tips for Using the Mindfulness App in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch

With watchOS 8 and iOS 15, Apple brought mental health to the fore. Features such as the ability to focus and use background sounds to minimize distractions (Settings app on iOS -> Accessibility -> Audio/Visual) are worth considering. In addition, the tech giant has revamped the Breathe app with a completely new Reflect event and a much improved Breathe experience. Whether you’re seeking complete peace of mind or reducing stress by regularly indulging in guided breathing exercises, the renamed Mindfulness app has you covered. If you’re ready to get started, check out these 8 tips to use Mindfulness like a pro in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Mindfulness App on Apple Watch

As of now, the Mindfulness app only has the Reflect and Breathe feature. However, the Cupertino giant is expected to add more mental health-related features, including audio meditations. Reflect is designed to help you remember a great moment in your life and feel happy, while Breathe aims to strengthen your health through guided breathing sessions. You can keep track of recorded Mindful minutes and also customize reminders for a personalized experience. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Set Reflection Time in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch

If you want to get the most out of Reflect, be sure to customize the duration before starting a session. While a minute of reflection is sufficient, a 5 minute session may be more helpful. Especially when you want to get relief from compound stress.

  1. Press Digital Crown To go to the home screen of your Apple Watch After that, open it awareness app On your Apple Watch running watchOS 8 or later.

2. Tap now. ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the three dots icon

3. Then change the session length according to your needs. Simply tap on Duration and then select the preferred session length. After choosing the length of time you want, tap on it. back button.

Change session length

4. Next, tap on To reflect.

Tap Mirror

5. Next, tap . To start one to start To reflect Sign in to your Apple Watch.

Tap Get Started

During the reflection session, you will see an abstract wallpaper flowing between various colors. Now open and close your eyes and mouth. After that, take a deep breath and remember something wonderful or valuable that happened in your life.

End Mirroring

If you want to end the session, swipe left to right and tap on End button. Alternatively, you can press the Digital Crown to finish. When your reflection session is over, a summary of your Mindful Minutes for the day and your heart rate during the session will appear.

Reflect Summary

Set the Duration of the Breathing Session on Apple Watch

You can also set the duration of the Breathing session on your Apple Watch. While a one-minute session is kind of an option for me during a busy schedule, I prefer to go for a longer 4-minute session in my spare time.

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  1. Hungry awareness app On your Apple Watch. Scroll down a bit to find Breathe and then ellipsis icon Right next to him.
Tap the three-dot icon right next to Breathe

2. Now, tap . Duration.

Tap Duration

3. Next, select your preferred time for your breathing session. After setting the length, tap on it. back button.

Choose mindfulness minutes

4. Next, tap on Breath.

Tap breathe

5. Now, tap Continue.

Tap Continue

Then continue with the guided breathing session. Breathe in as the glowing animation grows and your Apple Watch taps your wrist. Then, exhale when the animation shrinks and the taps stop.

Breathing session on Apple Watch

At the end of the session, you will see your heart rate. Note that the mindfulness app will mute some notifications so you can focus. If you answer a call or move too much during a session, watchOS will automatically end the session and not give you any credits.

breathing heart rate

Customize Breath Rate in watchOS 8

Interestingly, Mindfulness also lets you customize your breathing rate. So depending on your goal, you can increase or decrease your breathing rate.

  1. start watch app on your iPhone.
Launch the Watch app on your iPhone

2. Now, my watch tab is selected. Next, select awareness.

Tap on Awareness

2. Now, tap on Breath Rate.

Tap Breath Rate

3. Then you have multiple options to choose from. 4 breaths per minute (minimum), 5 breaths per minute, 6 breaths per minute and more. By default, 7 breaths per second is selected. However, you can choose to decrease it or increase it up to 10 breaths per minute.

Customize your breathing rate

Turn Off Attention Notifications for Today on Apple Watch

If you want to keep alerts away, you can easily silence them.

  1. Hungry Apple Watch app on your iPhone -> My Watch tab -> Awareness.
Tap on Awareness

2. Now turn on the toggle switch right next to it. Mute for Today.

Mute notifications for today

Note: Just in case, if you no longer want to receive Awareness alerts, turn off the toggles. Day Start and End of Day.

Customize Mindfulness Haptics on Apple Watch

watchOS 8 also lets you choose your preferred touch style for Mindfulness. In other words, you can choose the minimal or obvious one according to your preference.

  1. Hungry Apple Watch app on your iPhone -> My Watch tab -> Awareness.
Tap on Awareness

2. Now scroll down to the bottom and tap on it. Haptic.

Tap Haptics

3. Then you have three options as below: None, Minimal and Distinctive.

Customize Haptics for attention in watchOS 8

Get Awareness Reminder at Scheduled Time on Apple Watch

By default, the Mindfulness app sends you reminders at the beginning or end of the day. However, you can choose to receive the reminder at the scheduled time.

  1. Set route to Apple Watch app on iPhone -> awareness and then tap on Add Reminder.
Tap Add Reminder

2. Now, customize the Mindfulness reminders according to your needs. For example, you can choose to receive reminders only in the morning on selected days.

Customize Careless Reminders watchOS 8

View and Manage Awareness Data Using the Health App on iPhone

The Health app isn’t just useful for things like the Health Sharing feature in iOS 15. In fact, with the Health app, you can keep your Mindfulness minutes in a tab and track progress. Detailed data will give you a better idea of ​​how well you’re performing.

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Moreover, you can also manage Awareness data. You can choose to delete specific data or delete all saved Mindfulness data to start over.

  1. start health app on your iPhone.
Launch the Health app on iPhone

2. Tap now. Browse tab in the lower right corner of the screen.

Browse tab to view Apple Watch awareness data watchOS 8

3. Next, find awareness and tap on it.

Tap on Awareness

4. Next, tap on Mindful Moments.

Now, tap on Mindful Minutes

5. Now, you can tap . day, week, month, 6 months and year Tab to view data.

Check awareness data from watchOS 8

Note: Alternatively, you can also go to the Health app -> Summary tab -> Mindful Minutes to view your saved data.

6. If you want to dive a little deeper, scroll down and Show All Data.

Tap Show All Data

7. Next, you should see a long list of saved Awareness data. You can tap . edit button If you want to delete a specific Awareness data, tap on it in the upper right corner of the screen to edit the data. red button Press left and then Delete. Finally, be sure to tap. Completed top right to finish.

Manage awareness data recorded by watchOS 8

And if you want to delete all saved Awareness data, tap on it. Delete everything top left and confirm.

Manually Add Mindfulness Data to Health App on iPhone

While the Health app is extremely accurate in terms of saving data, it’s not perfect. Therefore, if you notice any inconsistencies, you can add the data manually.

  1. go to: health app on your iPhone -> Browse tab -> Awareness.
Awareness category in health app

2. Now, tap on Mindful Moments.

Now, tap on Mindful Minutes

3. Next, tap on it. add data in the upper right corner of the screen.

Add missing awareness data in the health app

4th place, manually enter the start and end time. After adding the data, be sure to tap . To add top right to finish.

Adding a new timer for awareness in watchOS 8

Manage Awareness Data Sources and Access in the Health App on iPhone

You can keep track of all the apps you have shared awareness minutes data with and manage their access. There is also a way to monitor data sources that are allowed to update data.

  1. Open Health app -> Browse tab -> Attention -> Mindful Minutes.
Health app that displays daily mindfulness minutes

2. Now scroll down to the bottom and tap on it. Data Sources and Access.

Tap Data Sources and Access

3. Under Apps Allowed to Read Data section, you should see apps that can read Mindfulness data. And under the Data Sources Section, you can check the list of all sources that are allowed to update your Mindful minute data.

Note that if there is more than one source, one data source is selected in order of priority. Check it To organise The button in the top right that allows you to manage data sources and access.

Check Awareness Data Sources

Use Mindfulness Like a Pro in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch

Thus, you can take full advantage of the practice of Mindfulness to keep stress away and at the same time achieve the peace of mind you need at your own pace. You can fine-tune the app to your preference, with useful customizations like the ability to customize breath rate, haptic features, duration, and reminders. While I find the mindfulness practice quite good, I think the inclusion of audio meditations would make it even better. What are you thinking? Let me know what you think about the redesigned Mindfulness app.