7 Common iPhone Keyboard Problems and Their Fixes

The iPhone keyboard has evolved drastically over the past few years, but it still isn’t bug-free. Here are the seven most common iPhone keyboard problems and how to fix them.

Ideally, having a full-size physical keyboard is the best setup for typing, but when you’re on the go and your iPhone just needs to type an email or text message, you’ll need to work with what’s given to you. . However, what if even that gives you trouble?

The iPhone’s keyboard is great in iOS 9 and is a huge improvement over previous versions of iOS, but it’s only good if it works properly. Over the past few months, we have heard many stories of users experiencing iPhone keyboard issues such as severe lag when typing, keyboard shortcuts not working, or even keyboard not turning on when it should.

If you’re experiencing iPhone keyboard problems, here are the seven most common problems we encounter and how to fix each one.

Keyboard Predictions Not Appearing

Apple introduced a feature in iOS 8 called QuickType that gives predictions of words it thinks you’ll type next; this way you don’t actually have to type the word, instead you can just tap the guessed word and have it type. out for you.

However, he likes to disappear and disguise himself at random times sometimes, but there’s a quick fix to get him back.

If this is happening to you, there is a quick and easy fix that takes less than a second. Swipe up the little tab just above the keyboard to re-enable QuickType and undo your keyboard predictions. This method is also probably why it sometimes randomly disappears because you can accidentally swipe down on that area to make it disappear.

Keyboard Delay

If you keep typing and find that the keyboard is not keeping up, you are likely experiencing keyboard lag and this is a common issue for iPhone users. Personally, we have noticed occasional keyboard lag on the iPhone 6 when typing an email or sending a reply in iMessage.

microsoft universal mobile keyboard with iphone

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Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix that users can make, but if updating to the latest version of iOS does not help, there is at least a temporary fix.

Oddly enough, turning off Documents and Data in iCloud seems to do the trick for many users. To do this, go to. From there, try typing on the keyboard again and if it’s working properly, you should be fine with turning the iCloud key back on. If that doesn’t work, try resetting all settings. To do this, .

Keyboard Typing Sounds Not Working

If you’re someone who likes to hear keyboard clicks as you type, but it doesn’t sound how you type, there are a few things to check.


First, make sure the mute toggle switch on the side is not activated. This not only blocks the ringtone, but also turns off the keyboard typing sounds.

If that’s not the problem, enter it and tap on it. Then scroll down and make sure it’s turned on. If that still doesn’t work, it’s most likely a bug that can be fixed with a simple reboot. Just turn off your iPhone and turn it back on. It’ll likely be a temporary fix, but it’s better than nothing until Apple fixes the issue in a later update.

Keyboard Won’t Open

If you’ve had some minor keyboard issues, at least the keyboard is visible. Some users reported that their iPhone keyboard is not showing up when they need to type something.


Usually, a simple reboot will do the trick (at least temporarily). Just turn off your iPhone and restart it. If that still doesn’t fix the problem, your next best option is to restore your iPhone. Make sure to back up first and then restore via iTunes. This will erase everything and give you a fresh start, which hopefully means that whatever was causing your keyboard not to boot is officially gone.

Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

If you enjoy having these useful keyboard shortcuts but they are not working properly for you, there are a few things you can try to get them working again.


Try deleting and recreating a shortcut. You can also try adding a new shortcut to your existing shortcut list and see if that breaks it down and gets them all working properly again.

If that doesn’t work, reset the keyboard dictionary by going to .

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It is also possible that there is an iCloud sync issue. If it’s on, go to turn off and see. Now try using your keyboard shortcuts. If they start working again, turn them back on.

3D Touch Keyboard Trackpad Being Meticulous

A great feature of 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s is the ability to turn the keyboard into a sort of trackpad to make it easier to move the cursor while typing.

iphone-6s-3d-touch keyboard

This ensures that you don’t have to touch the cursor itself and move it with your finger; this hurts more on the backend than you might think. However, the 3D Touch keyboard trackpad feature can be a bit finicky.

It may be a bug that will be fixed in a future update, but several users have told me that activating the keyboard trackpad with 3D Touch sometimes doesn’t work and they usually have to try again for it to start working properly. .

Unfortunately, there is no official fix for this, but restarting your iPhone may fix the problem temporarily and make it better to use.

Searching for an Alternative

At the end of the day, if you don’t like the default iPhone keyboard, you can try some alternatives.


We offer a roundup of the best third-party keyboards for your iPhone, of which SwiftKey is one of the best options on the market. SwiftKey offers better word predictions than the default keyboard, with the ability to learn your typing habits over time.

There’s also a Flow option that lets you type by swiping from key to key. This takes some practice, but once you download it, it’s definitely a lot faster than traditional typing.

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