6 essential tips for finding out what Google knows about you

Google knows all or almost everything about us, but did you know that most of the data collected by the American giant is also accessible to the user? Here’s how to check them.

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Google collects everything it can about you, from your search history to your location history. All your activity on mobile or PC is compiled on their servers including your trips. Of course, all these options are enabled by default, so it’s a good idea to know what data is being collected even if it sends chills down your spine!

1. Your interests

Yes, Google knows what you like from your search results, videos you watch on YouTube, and general activity on their site. Only your activity in Gmail is ignored (Fortunately!). Creepy, isn’t it? Data that the user can easily access. Fortunately, it is possible to disable interest-based advertising.

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2. Your location history

Thanks to GPS Google can track all the movements of your smartphone day by day and hour by hour. All information is then compiled on a single page.

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The American giant even knows your home and work addresses. And if you had a drunken evening last weekend, Google will be able to tell you exactly where you are on such a day and hour. Everything is listed on a map with a history. It is even possible to find the photos you have taken in different places you visit.

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google maps location history

3. Your search and browsing history

All the searches you make from Chrome and the websites you visit are also tracked and compiled, even if you regularly clear your internet browser history. It’s a little scary for those who think that clearing their browser history saves them from harm.

Fortunately, deleting all this information is possible and even quite simple. You still need to know how to:

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4. Your event

In addition to your activity on the web, Google also monitors the different services you use and the Android devices connected to your account. You can also find your contacts and usage statistics for different services. Everything is centralized on this page that lets you find all the activities of your account (People, Google Photos, Play Music…).

google activity report

5. Apps that have access to your data

Some of the services and apps you use have access to your data, but do you really know which ones? Usually your smartphone has full access. Some apps have access to your Drive account or your contacts, and the basics are compiled on the permissions page.

google data apps

6. Download your data

Did you know that it is possible to download all your account information? Your blogs (if you have a Blogger account), your contacts, your photo albums, your books and even your voice calls. it can be useful if you want delete everything from google servers While keeping a track on your PC. After all, while cloud services are handy, not everyone wants to store their data remotely.

On this page, you will be able to choose which services and applications you want to back up their data by checking or unchecking the various boxes.

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