4 Tips to Fix “Update Apple ID Settings” Issue on iPhone and iPad

Of all the problems I’ve ever encountered on an iPhone, the “Update Apple ID Settings” error has been the one that bothered me the most, along with bad Wi-Fi and unexpected battery drain. Although I am always ready to solve complex problems, the uncertainty about the cause of the problem drives me crazy. Fortunately, there are a handful of viable solutions that usually work in fixing the “Updating Apple ID settings” issue on iPhone and iPad. Given how common this red update notification is, it makes a lot of sense to share these handy tips.

Tips to Fix “Update Apple ID Settings” Issue on iPhone and iPad

Before we get started with the tips, let’s understand why the warning popped up!

What Causes the red “Update Apple ID Settings” Alert to Appear?

While the update notification is mostly due to incomplete or expired information, in some rare cases the alert will appear for no apparent reason. Even after updating your Apple ID information, the red notification keeps getting stuck there. And this is what creates so much confusion.

So, you will have to try multiple solutions to get rid of the “Update Apple ID Settings” notification in iOS 14. Hopefully one of them will click and you can finally keep this warning away.

1. Enter Apple ID Password

In some cases, the update Apple ID settings notification, you enter your current Apple ID password. Since this trick has worked for me several times, I recommend you try it before moving on to the tips below.

Tap the Update Apple ID notification. Then click Continue. After that, enter your Apple ID password and exit the settings menu. If the notification disappears, chances are high that you have successfully fixed the red Apple ID update notification.

2. Make Sure Your Apple ID Information Is Updated

If your Apple ID information is missing or your credit card information has expired, a red update alert will appear and remind you to take action. Therefore, be sure to update the information.

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Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, then tap your profile photo at the top. Next, Tap on Payment & Shipping. Now take a look at the payment methods. If you see “Failed” next to your credit/debit card, it’s time to update the payment method.

You can do Tap ‘Add Payment Method’ and then review the instructions to add a new payment method. Also, tap Add Shipping Address and make sure the shipping address is updated.

Also, double check your Apple ID email address and phone number to make sure they are updated (Profile -> Name, Phone Numbers, Email).

3. Sign Out of Apple ID and Sign In Again

Another reliable solution that I would recommend you to try is to sign out of Apple ID and sign back in. Making a new entry may help you resolve the issue.

When you sign out of iCloud, you have the option to keep a copy of the information you store in iCloud on your device. Make sure you keep a copy of your essentials so it stays safe.

Hungry Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. After that, tap on profile picture. Next, scroll down and tap on it. Sign out. if you opened Find My iPhone/iPadYou will need to enter your Apple ID password to continue.

sign out of apple account on iPhone

Then log in using your Apple ID and password. Now, check if you finally got rid of the notification.

4. Update the Software on Your iPhone and iPad

If none of the tips above worked to fix the “Update Apple ID Settings” issue, try updating the software. The problem may be caused by a miscellaneous error. Given how common bugs are in recent iOS versions, it would be unwise to ignore the possibility.

update software on iOS

Go to: Settings app on your iPhone or iPad -> General -> Software Update. Now download and install the latest version of iOS/iPadOS on your device.

Troubleshoot Apple ID Settings Update on iPhone and iPad

This much! I guess you put that annoying Apple ID update notification to rest. But before you breathe a sigh of relief, be sure to let me know the trick that works for you. Your valuable feedback may help other users stuck on “Update Apple ID Settings” notification. Also, let me know any other tips or workarounds to help you fix this annoying issue.

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