3D Monster Truck Parking Simulator Tips and Tricks

Most mobile games with cars or trucks are usually racing games and players must go as fast as possible to cross the finish line first. However, a new game hitting the scene takes a different approach.

It’s called 3D Monster Truck Parking Simulator (a mouthful) and players need to have some speed to go through various obstacle courses and finally smack in a parking lot.

You earn points based on how fast you complete the obstacle course, how many green rings you pass through and how well you park in the parking lot at the end. Also, the game uses a three-star system similar to Angry Bird; here you only get one star for completing the level, another star for getting 2,500 or more points and a third star for passing the target time listed in each level.

the game Available for free download on the iTunes App Storeand as a bonus, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to get the best score at the end and move on to more challenging levels.

Easy at the Steering

The steering is really sensitive and you have to be very careful not to overdo it, no matter how much you reduce the sensitivity in the game.

So it’s best to do a series of taps to steer (if you’re using the onscreen buttons). If you’re tilting your iPhone, make sure you don’t over-tilt as your truck will oversteer like crazy and you’ll have to start over most of the time.

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If you’re overdoing it a little, don’t be afraid to flip it a little to get it right. Essentially, this means steering your vehicle in the wrong direction to correct oversteer.

Don’t step on the gas

We all like to go fast when racing on a track, but in this game you want to be precise and pass the obstacle course smoothly. Yes, you want to reach the finish as quickly as possible, but you can’t get there by sloppy driving at full speed on the track.

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Instead of accelerating as you try to progress down the track, use a series of taps on the accelerator to maintain a moderate and steady speed. This will allow you to pass obstacles smoothly without looking like an idiot.

You don’t need all 3 Stars

Just like in Angry Birds, you really only need to complete the level to unlock the next one. The same is true for 3D Monster Truck Parking Simulator. As mentioned before, you get a star just by completing the level and reaching the finish. If you just want to pass all the levels, this is a good strategy to consider.

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Of course, this will take a bit more work if you want all three stars for each level. You get a second star by getting at least 2,500 points and earning a third star by beating the target time for that level, which can definitely be tough.

Slow Is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast

In the end, the slow and steady wins the race. It may take several times for you to learn the route and smoothly and steadily exceed the target time, but in the end it will work out better than just laying the gas and finishing it sloppy.

Use these tips the next time you play 3D Monster Truck Parking Simulator and you will be sure to pass the levels without any problems.

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