14 Microsoft OneNote Tips and Tricks

The true lover of the Microsoft Office ecosystem is Microsoft Word. Some might say that this word processing tool is close to replacing Microsoft OneNote. OneNote was the poster child for the “New Microsoft” before we knew the company was heading in a new direction. It precedes the awesome upgrade that is Windows 10. It existed before Microsoft started adding mobile apps to the Office family by acquiring popular iPhone apps like Sunrise and Accompli. Maybe you’ve never heard of OneNote, but you’ve probably already installed it. The digital note-taking app has been bundled with Office suites for years. It is in the latest Office 2016 upgrade. The Office 365 subscription service Microsoft offers online also comes with it, but you don’t have to pay anything to install the app.
Microsoft OneNote is a great way to create a shopping list, take notes in class, and keep your life organized. Also, you can use it to build playbooks (to find out more about building contract playbooks check this article by DocJuris).
The notes you take can be stored locally or synced to your other devices using Microsoft’s OneDrive service. Here are some Microsoft OneNote Tips for those just getting started with the digital notebook tool.

OneNote 2016 for Windows

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OneNote Tips and Tricks: OneNote 2016 for Desktops is Free

Microsoft does not make most of the Office suite completely free for users, but OneNote is the exception to this rule. This even includes the OneNote 2016 application added to Office 2016. Other note-taking apps cost money, but OneNote 2016 does not. Microsoft started using OneNote as a charm a long time ago to bring users into its ecosystem. The company’s office website It’s now available for free download to anyone running Windows or Mac. If you have an older version installed on your computer, install OneNote 2016 to replace it.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Add Media

Microsoft OneNote Tips (2) OneNote gets a lot of credit for allowing users to add written and written notes. Many forget that the app also supports other note-taking styles. You can add audio, video, and pictures to your notebooks using Office 2016. This is great for classroom lectures and projects where you don’t want to feel obligated to write everything down. Audio and Video recording options are inside the tab. Note that currently only Desktop versions of OneNote support audio and video embeds.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Lock Your OneNote Notebooks

Microsoft OneNote Tips (3) Often times, getting your work out of OneNote can be a problem. What if you want to share what you wrote? The OneNote Team has a trick for this. OneNote 2016 can export pages and sections from a notebook and turn them into things that other programs and applications can understand. Click the option on the far left of OneNote 2016. Click now. You can now create PDFs for other than what you’ve written or written.

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OneNote Tips and Tricks: Ink to Text

Microsoft OneNote Tips (4) In OneNote 2016, you can click a single button and have all your handwritten notes converted to text to make it easier for others to read. Select the text you want to convert, then click Next, click on It is a big help if you are working on numerical equations.

OneNote Mobile

OneNote Mobile is the smallest of the OneNote apps. Made specifically for Windows 10, it comes pre-installed on most machines. If you don’t have it on your system, you can download it from Microsoft. Windows Store.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Quick Capture

The best notebook you have is the notebook you already have. For this purpose, OneNote has many hardware and software dependent shortcuts. Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book allow users to create a new page in their notebook or add a screenshot to a notebook by clicking the top of the Surface Pen. Don’t forget to pin the OneNote app to your Start Menu or Taskbar for quick access if you don’t have a Surface.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Sharing

Microsoft OneNote Tips (5) OneNote Mobile includes support for Windows 10’s sharing tools. You can send almost anything to a OneNote Mobile notebook by pressing the Share button in the app and selecting OneNote. For example, you can send web pages directly to OneNote in Microsoft Edge.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Draw Even If You Don’t Have A Pen

Microsoft OneNote Tips (6) This isn’t specific to OneNote Mobile, but it’s important since people using the mobile app are more likely to have touch, so they don’t have a stylus. In addition to writing notes, you can add them to your notes by typing with your finger. Look for the index finger in the menu.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: How to Preview New Features

onenote-preview Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program regularly provides testers with new features. What if you don’t want a full test OS on your device but are interested in OneNote’s new features? A switch in the OneNote Mobile Settings area lets you turn on things Microsoft is still testing, like this new interface pictured above.

General OneNote Tips and Tricks

Generally speaking, there is some advice that applies no matter what version of Microsoft Word you are running.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Create OneNote Notebooks for Everything

Just like kids and teens with different notebooks for each topic, Microsoft hopes you’ll create different notebooks for everything in your life. If you’re really trying to get organized, this is the right thing to do. Using your first notebook as a place to store details and items for your personal life is a good starting point. Then add notebooks for any other topics you need. OneNote Mobile for Windows has a button in the upper left corner that switches between notebooks and creates new Notebooks. Create new notebooks from the File menu in OneNote 2016.

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OneNote Tips and Tricks: Add Images and Files When Needed

Some things don’t translate well into written word and text. In such cases, feel free to snap a picture of a document or write it on the whiteboard and throw it into any version of Microsoft OneNote. You’ll thank yourself later when you fully understand your notes and need a refresher.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Adjust Pen Thickness and Color

Microsoft OneNote Tips (8) Both versions of OneNote have upgraded ink options that let you decide what color to write and how thick each stroke should be. Use these tools to adapt to your favorite writing experience and add some depth to your notebook. Highlighters also allow you to draw attention to what matters.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Download OneNote Companion Apps

OneNote can be used almost anywhere you want it. There’s OneNote for that iPhone and iPad, Match, Android and net. Use a mix of them all to make sure all your important notes are available wherever you need them. Each of these apps is also free.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: Use Tags for Quick Lists

Microsoft OneNote Tips (9) Each version of OneNote lets you create tags and add some goodies to your lists. Checkmarks give you a visually appealing task list. There are also labels for email, passwords, and more. You can create your own tags for use in OneNote 2016.

OneNote Tips and Tricks: How to Use the Lasso Tool

Microsoft OneNote Tips (10)

Click and swipe through all the information sections to quickly select them. This is great for handwritten notes that need to be reshuffled for better understanding or horizontally to make room for more information. Good luck using OneNote. It’s a really great free app, although it didn’t get a lot of attention from Microsoft Office fans.

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