13 Wargame Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Game of War is an addictive RTS style game for iPhone, iPad and Android with lots of fun and plenty of frustration. You can use our Game of War tips and tricks, our Game of War strategies and what you need to become a better player. Officially this game is called Game of War – Fire Age, but most users call it Game of War.

It’s not the same type of game as Clash of Clans or Boom Beach, but it’s similar and remains a fun solution for mobile gamers who want to use strategy to build an empire and destroy an opponent.

The Game of War setting is within an ancient civilization that gave rise to various gameplay elements, and that’s also why you see Kate Upton in armor and ancient Greek or Roman settings in many Game of War commercials.

Game of War strategy tips with essential Game of War tips and tricks.

To be successful, you need a Game of War strategy that includes building, researching, defending and attacking. You cannot play this game with one focus.

One of our favorite Game of War tips is to quickly build an amazing city of 60,000 power in less than an hour. This makes it possible to start the game with enough strength to start getting things done and can help avoid the frustrations of getting started. Remember that one of the goals of Game of War is to persuade you to spend real world money on in-game items. There are pop-ups, bouncing icons, and dozens of hacks focused solely on purchasing in-app purchases to raise your army for real money.

You won’t find any reliable and realistic Game of War cheats or cheats that you can use. Most of these promise unlimited upgrades and in-game items, but are only there to get you to fill out a survey or give up control of your account. You cannot close the game and change the time on your device to make Game of War render faster, so you will need these Game of War tips and strategy guides to progress.

Game of War free iPhoneiPad, Android and Amazon Fire devices.

Since there are no Game of War cheats, you’ll need to focus on your Game of War strategy using these easy-to-follow tips and tricks.

How to Play War Game

If you’re new to the game, you can use this Game of War strategy guide to learn what you need to get started. This will walk you through the basics of building your kingdom better than virtual Kate Upton could.

Here are some important Game of War tips to help you quickly build your power and empire. Here are some great tips.

– You must use Missions to earn rewards. There are several types, including Empire Daily and more. You can collect resources and rewards when you perform some actions. For others, you will need to start a timer.

– If you’re about to stop playing for a while, choose a mission that takes a long time to complete. Time will continue after closing the game.

– Tap on iTems and My Items to see what you have. If you upgrade your large building to level 6 before using it, some of your items will be lost, such as the Starter Teleports.

Use these Game of War tips and tricks to progress faster.

Use these Game of War tips and tricks to progress faster.

– Here’s a good tip. Don’t spend gold on bats right away and don’t spend real money when you start. Right now you need to focus on the basics.

– Use your items and power-ups to build a better Hero. This starts on the items screen and you can give this hero upgrades and the special attributes that the Hero gains will help your troops in the game.

From there this video digs into alliances and other information you may or may not need to know. After learning how to play Game of War with this video and Kate Upton tutorial, you’re ready to level up faster.

Wargame Tips for Beginners

The next set of Game of War tips will show you how to level up to 60,000 power in one hour. It will also help you build a better fortress and city for your troops.

– Build a Gymnos as soon as possible. When you gain XP, it helps your hero level up. Almost everything you do in Game of War earns XP.

– Build 10 of each building to unlock special bonuses. And it’s a good idea to build them all close together so you can manage them quickly.

– You will need to upgrade all your farms, day camps and more in order to unlock other buildings. You can see the upgrade requirements when you tap the item you want to upgrade.

– If you are part of an alliance, you can help each other to speed up buildings by tapping the help in the game. Each time an alliance member clicks, one minute is cut off from the timer.

You can use VIP updates from – Items – My Items – Specials. When you enable VIP status and you have VIP points, you can go to VIP in the top left and then tap Redeem VIP to get faster upgrades.

– You don’t want to build a great city and leave it open to attack. By the time you reach the end of this Game of War tutorial, you will need to raise your walls as high as possible to add protection.

– After playing all the tips in the 30 minute Wargame tips video above, you need to go to the Quests section and collect many rewards to unlock.

In this second Game of War strategy video, you’ll learn about good troop upgrade ways, how to get to the eighth castle quickly, and other tips on building a good foundation for your game. After reaching Fortress Level 8, you can build an Academy Level 8 that unlocks research for Level 2 troops. With the 2nd level troops, you will have stronger troops for better battles.

Get a Better War Strategy Game

Develop a great Game of War strategy.

Develop a great Game of War strategy.

Once you’ve built your castle, you’ll need a great Game of War strategy to become a better player. This will take time and time, trial and error or research on your part. Some of our favorite Wargame Strategy tips are listed below so you can quickly find important information.

You can find other Game of War Strategy tips and tricks here: Inside the Game of War. This is one of the best places to look for more elaborate strategies.

Game of War Cheats and Hacks

There is no shortage of services that claim to offer Game of War cheats and Game of War cheats, but as we have found in the past, they are all designed to enable the user to sign up for the services, share their personal information or post on social media. media explains the promise of free gold and in-game items.

Don't bother with Game of War cheats and cheats that just ask for your information.

Don’t bother with Game of War cheats and cheats that just ask for your information.

The apps look a little believable, but they can’t connect to your device and hack the game to get you free upgrades. Instead of logging into the game and giving you free gold, silver or boards, you’ll fill out a survey and get nothing for your time. Don’t waste your time with these offers.

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