10 tips and tricks for your LG G2 [Vidéo]

Think you know everything about the LG G2? we will see here 10 tips and tricks for LG G2. It’s a way to dig a little deeper into the options the smartphone has to offer. The list isn’t always exhaustive, but it may be an opportunity for you to explore or rediscover the LG G2 options. Let’s go !

LG G2 pickup with 10 tips and tricks

1. Knok Knok

To turn the phone on or off by double-tapping an empty area of ​​the home screen or lock screen. If you are in an app, you must do this in the notification bar.

2. Movements

It allows you to configure various gesture-related functions, such as automatically answering a call when you hold the phone to your ear. You can also decrease the ring volume by picking up the phone during a call. Finally, turning the phone over during a call will put the phone in silent mode.

3. Use with one hand

It makes it easier to handle if you find the screen too large. For example, one-handed operation can be facilitated by adjusting the position of the numeric keypad, LG keypad or PIN code on the right or left of the screen using the arrows that appear if you select the option.

4. Touch keys

The LG G2 displays the control buttons directly on the screen, allowing you to adjust them to your desired grip. In addition to the “menu”, “home” and “back” buttons, you’ll be able to pull down the notification panel without having to find it at the top of your screen by selecting a QuickMemo quick access button or any other button. . You can also change the theme (black, white, gray) and the transparency of the touch keys. Very practical and complete.

5. Font and size

As the name suggests, you can easily choose the font you want for your G2. You can choose from 7 different fonts. You can also change its size. Again, you have 6 different size options.

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6. Video and smart display

It uses the LG G2’s front sensor to pause videos when you’re not watching them or keep the screen on while watching. It’s a good way to avoid seeing you fall asleep while reading a web page, for example.

7. Notification LEDs

Choosing whether to display the front notification LED as well as the back LED in the middle of the two volume control keys.

8. Icon size in application panel

To do this, go to the apps panel by pressing the “menu” button, then “show larger icons”.

9. Change Icon Appearance

This is another great feature. To do this, press and hold an icon on your desktop and then release it. Then you will have the opportunity to change the size and image of the latter. You can even replace it with any photo you want.

10. Buttons on the back

Press and hold the bottom button on the back, this will open the LG G2 Camera app. Press again to take a snapshot. Same thing with the top button that launches Quick Note if you keep pressing it while the screen is off. You can also access the Quick Note by pressing the “Home” key and swiping up. A shortcut for Google Assistant will also be available.

I hope these tips were useful to you. If you want to know more about the LG G2 and its interface, I point you to our full test! You can also find it in our comparison with the Galaxy Note 3 and Xperia Z1. Do you have any other tips you want to share with us? Visit our LG G2 forum to find out more!

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