10 Common LG G8 Problems and How to Fix them

The LG G8 is a nice looking phone with lots of neat features and a powerful camera, but it’s not perfect. Whether this has issues with battery life, AirMotion controls or something else. Now that it has more users, we’re starting to hear a lot about it. a little LG G8 problems. If you’re dealing with a few, here’s how to fix them.

Fortunately, most minor LG G8 problems are easy to fix on your own from home. You won’t need help from a carrier retail store or have to call LG support and wait for hours. Just follow our guide and tips.

While most users do not experience these errors or issues and everyone uses phones differently, you may still face an issue. topic or two. Be it a minor glitch or something bigger like bad LG G8 battery life issues.

How To Fix LG G8 Battery Life Issues

First of all, we hear a few complaints about battery life, which is nothing new for LG phones. This is usually an issue with LG phones, but this year the 6.2-inch LG G8 has a larger 3,500mAh battery that we expect to last a little longer.

What we’re trying to say is, no easy fix for bad LG G8 battery life. However, there are a few settings to change and things you can do to make it last a little longer. Every bit helps when running on a small battery. First, go to settings and make sure that an app is not malfunctioning and using an abnormal amount of juice.

Typically Android system, Android OS or display (Display) is at the top. If you have something else at the top like FaceBook or some random app, you have a problem. Tap on stop or force close to kill a bad app. We also recommend that you disable, uninstall or reinstall any malfunctioning application.

We also recommend customizing location settings, lowering the screen brightness to approximately 40% or automatically, and closing large apps you no longer need. Use LG’s battery saver modes if you can, or change the screen resolution from 2k to 1080p. It’s in Settings > Display > resolution.

How To Fix LG G8 WiFi Problems

WiFi is another thing everyone complains about, but rarely the phone itself. Usually this is an issue with the app like Netflix or Google Play Music. It doesn’t work right from poor connection, dropout, even 5GHz. We have seen many WiFi related issues on LG G5 and G6 but nothing has happened since then.

Before going any further in this guide, be sure to go and install any new software. LG will release a few quick updates when the phone becomes available and you should always be on the latest software.

If you’re having WiFi issues, we have a few suggestions to try before doing anything else.

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Turn WiFi off and back on (with quick toggle in settings or notification bar)
  3. Unplug your home WiFi router for 2-3 minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on
  4. Try reconnecting to the WiFi connection

If that doesn’t fix your problem, try going to the wireless network you’re trying to connect to and forget about it. Then search again and reconnect, enter the password and see if it works. This gives a fresh start by completely resetting the connection between your phone and WiFi, and often fixes problems.

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LG G8 Backlight Bleeding

had quite a few a several reports about backlight bleeding On LG G7. This is where users can see light leaking from the sides of the phone and interfering with photos, video or web browsing.

Most importantly, users are shining more light than they should in the bottom right, next to the home button. Or just the entire bottom area of ​​the screen. So far, we’ve seen a few reports of something similar on the LG G8. Unfortunately, we have nothing good to report here. This is not something we can “fix” and we recommend contacting LG for a replacement device. You can fix just about anything on our list, so we can help you here.

How To Fix LG G8 Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth is another area of ​​every phone where people complain. With millions of devices, Bluetooth speakers, cars, car stereos, and different brands, it’s bound to run into a problem or two.

As always, the biggest complaint is that the phone does not connect to the car stereo. For some it will connect, but the connection is grayed out and will not work. If so, check your permissions. However, the best thing you can do is turn your phone (and your car) off and then back on. Then fix the two and give it a try.

Bluetooth is always a little finicky, so try wiping or forgetting any device you’re having trouble with and reconnect. This is a last-ditch effort to make things work properly.

LG G8 Apps Not Fullscreen (and Notch issues)

The home screen issue we’ve seen users reporting is apps not being full screen or the notch getting in the way. Google has added notch support to Android Pie, and at this point almost every app should fully support them. Additionally, you can use LG’s “app scaling” mode to force apps into full screen mode.

LG’s built-in scaling mode helps you enjoy apps to the fullest. Just go through the settings and switch any app that doesn’t look right to fullscreen mode and you’re all set. For YouTube, just pinch to zoom; It will expand as Google puts this mod inside the app.

Or you can hide the notch by giving the phone a fake bezel at the top that matches the bottom. Search for “second screen” in settings and change the notch mode.

How To Fix LG G8 Missing App Drawer Issue

Next, we’d like to help you with a preference setting that some people see as a “problem”. You don’t have an app drawer button on the LG G8. All apps are on another page right away, or you can swipe up at the bottom of the phone to view all your apps. Some people don’t know this.

To get the button back as it probably was on your last phone, go to the “app tray” and open it. Alternatively, users can follow this old but still useful guide to download and install a home screen replacement app with more features or customizations.

How To Fix LG G8 Fingerprint Scanner Issues

Problems with your G8’s fingerprint scanner? Typically we see two main complaints. One is unsuccessful scans or just general issues, and the other is when the phone tries to scan while in your pocket, which drains your battery. Both of these are easy to fix.

First, make sure you have a lock screen password or pin in addition to the fingerprint scan. So it won’t accidentally open in your pocket and drain the battery. Most phones have a second layer above the fingerprint, so you’ve probably already done that.

For all other fingerprint scanner issues, we recommend deleting your fingerprints and starting over. Basically, delete and redo your saved finger scans. Do this by going and deleting them. You can even try registering the same fingerprint twice for better results and faster scans.

How To Fix LG G8 Sound Problems

We’re seeing a few complaints about the sound on the LG G8, which is weird as the LG G7 sounds great. The boombox speaker is insanely loud. This year, the LG G8 uses the entire screen to act as a speaker, so there’s no speaker grille at the top of the notch.

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Unfortunately, we have nothing good for you here. There is no way to fix a physical hardware design on the phone. If you’re having audio problems or can’t hear people very well during calls, try turning up the volume or repositioning your face to hear the sound better with the imaging technology.

If there is any hope, it is that upcoming software updates can improve the overall performance of this new technology and make the display speaker better, louder or clearer.

How to Fix Bad LG G8 Performance and Lagging

Is your new LG G8 running slow or lagging when opening apps and games? This shouldn’t happen on a powerful flagship phone. However, people use phones that are heavier than a computer and never turn them off or restart them. Eventually, he’ll get into a bit of a stalemate.

That said, LG has a few tools to help fix such issues. First, restart your phone. Do it now and do it every week or so. We also recommend making sure all your apps are up to date.

We also recommend using LG’s smart cleaning tools and services. You can go to to quickly clean up unused files and apps. This is basically a cleaning process that frees up space, clears memory and keeps the phone running at its best.

However, the biggest reason for laggy performance is phones that never reboot or a corrupted microSD card. If you’ve used the same MicroSD card in several phones and the card is a few years old, it’s time to format and erase everything on it or get a new one.

How To Fix LG G8 Camera Issues

We see occasional comments about it. camera lag also where users report slow to click, focus, or work in general. Whether it’s the time it takes for the camera to turn on, take the photo after clicking it, switch between the two lenses, or even have a bit of a delay when the phone tries to save the image.

This is something that could and will probably get better over time from software updates. Again, this phone is new and LG will be fixing issues in a few key areas like the camera and improving performance over time with software upgrades. You can also try to turn off HDR mode or get a better and new microSD card.

Other LG G8 Problems

Of course, some users may have other minor issues here and there. No phone is perfect, not to mention everyone uses them differently. So, what works for you may not work for someone else.

For all other issues, the first step is to quickly restart your LG G8. Whether this is screen glitches or rotation, lag, app crashes or other minor things, try restarting your phone. In fact, you can fix almost any minor issue by simply restarting the phone. Long press the power button and press.

And if your LG G8 is completely frozen or acting really funny, force restart it. To do this simply. Hold and wait. You will hear the phone vibrate, see it shut down and restart and hopefully it will work as expected.

Factory Reset LG G8

Finally, if you are experiencing a major deal-busting issue or cannot find a suitable solution to a particular problem, you can always try a factory data reset. Also, this is the only real recommendation you’ll get from LG tech support when you call for help. So skip the hassle and do it yourself.

This, however, can fix most problems. Back up anything important, then follow our steps below.

Go to it by pulling down the notification bar and hitting the gear-shaped icon at the top. Scroll down in settings or search for “reset” and select . The phone will reboot several times, wipe everything and it will just boot up and ready to use. You will need to do the setup again, redo all your settings and sign in to Gmail. However, you’ll likely have fewer problems and enjoy the phone again.