Do you want to win a gamer fridge? Heineken is raffling off; see how to participate

A Heineken, one of the world’s leading beer brands, is shaking up the gaming scene with an exciting announcement. The company recently revealed its exclusive innovation: The Gaming Fridge, a gaming fridge that not only keeps your PC cool during gaming marathons, but keeps your beer cold so you can make the most of your fun times.

To celebrate this revolutionary launch, Heineken is running a giveaway that will give three lucky people the chance to own their own Gaming Fridge.

‘Not every round is outside’ campaign celebrates gamer culture

The initiative is part of Heineken’s global campaign, entitled “Not every round is out there”, which aims to honor and celebrate the moments of socialization present in gamer culture.

In this context, the brand joined forces with Brazilian Gaules, one of the biggest streamers in the world, to create marketing actions that connect the gaming public to this unique experience.

The innovative gaming refrigerator, known as “The Gaming Fridge”, was developed by a team of engineers from Le Pub São Paulo, Publicis Italy and Le Pub Milano.

Image: Heineken/Reproduction

The product is an example of cutting-edge engineering, combining the features of a traditional refrigerator with a CPU and cooling components that are designed to maintain your PC’s ideal temperature while you enjoy your favorite games.

How do I participate in this promotion?

Participating in the giveaway is simpler than defeating the final boss in an epic game. All you need is to be over 18 years of age and register on the promotion’s official website by November 19, 2023.

The lucky three who will have the opportunity to own this technological marvel will be announced on the Heineken website on November 23, 2023.

If you are passionate about PC games and love having a cold beer while playing, this is your chance to win a “The Gaming Fridge” from Heineken. The gamer fridge that will make all your friends jealous is just a click away.

Don’t waste time, access the promotion link and join this exciting race. Prove that you are over 18 years old and hope to be one of the lucky three who will have the opportunity to take home this masterpiece of gaming technology.

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Fun is guaranteed, and Heineken is making it even more refreshing and exciting.