Xbox Series X: discover the next all-white digital release in pictures

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Images published by Exputer show a “white robot” version of the Xbox Series Who abandons their Blu-Ray disc player? Available in standard black model. The images show the white console from different angles. it has the same angular shape but with a smooth white finish similar to that of the Xbox Series S.

The Verge has reportedly seen documents confirming the authenticity of these images and some Xbox Series X specifications, but Microsoft has not officially commented on or acknowledged the existence of this console. This may be the famous Brooklin project that first came to light during the lawsuit between Microsoft and the FTC.

Which spec sheet for the new Xbox Series X?

According to Exputer’s report, this new alabaster Xbox will also feature internal improvements beyond just removing the disc drive. It would be equipped with:An improved heat sink to better manage heat.

The Series X “Brooklin” update was defined by a radically redesigned chassis, originally featuring a cylindrical-shaped design. If this leaked white model is indeed Microsoft’s mid-range update, it looks like the company is approaching the classic rectangular design of the Series X without a slot for drives.

White Xbox SeriesWhite Xbox Series

We also know that: improved and less energy-consuming cooling, Xbox plans to improve connectivity, not make its console more powerful. For example, we may have the following rights: Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 and even A brand new remote control currently known as “Sebile”. Therefore, it will not be able to compete with PS5 Pro in terms of performance.

Exputer’s report claims that this digital-only white Xbox Series X could arrive as early as June or July For less at $399 to $449 compared to the current $499 disc model. This will make it an attractive option for gamers who have fully embraced digital downloads and subscription services like Xbox Game Pass.

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