Xbox Series X: a controller with an integrated display soon?

Patent applications are interesting because even if they don’t necessarily describe a future product, they give us an idea of ​​the way manufacturers work. The patent of the day was granted by Turtle Beach and it turns out an Xbox controller with a touchscreen.

As you can see, this controller is equipped with a display. In the diagram, we note that the pad gives various informationInformation such as battery level, duration, as well as data on your performance in the game or on your social networks. Important detail, the patent shows that the controller can be connected not only to your console, but also to your smartphone.

One screen on the controller, far from a new idea

The screen shown in the patent is slightly different as it covers almost the entire front. As a result, it poses a huge technical challenge, especially in terms of autonomy. Crazy bet from Turtle Beach? Not exactly. Not the only manufacturer working on the issue because a similar patent was granted by Microsoft a few months ago.

After the touchpads and Share buttons, so the appearance of screens could be the next big trend for our controllers. This can change the way we interact with the game because, in addition to various technical information, these screens can be thought of as being used by developers to provide data specific to console-launched games such as maps or inventory. It’s an idea that has already been implemented with the Wii U having a tablet as the controller.

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