Xbox Series X: This compatible Xbox 360 controller will wake your nostalgia

If you’ve seen the Xbox 360 in its heyday, you know how it was. its controller was a revolution in the middle. It’s no coincidence that 18 years later its design has remained virtually unchanged, and despite the two-generation console in between, gamers are still nostalgic for the feel in the hands of this pioneering controller. We have good news for all interested and other enthusiasts: It will soon be possible to rediscover the joy of this controller on Xbox Series X.

We told you this a few months ago: Hyperkin, a manufacturer specializing in Xbox accessories, has announced the release of a controller that mimics that of the Xbox 360, compatible with the latest generation of Microsoft console and Windows 10/11. . It took a while but that’s it, the producer has announced the release date on his Twitter account. Meeting next June 6 Xenon, sweet name or 5th of May For those in a hurry to pre-order.

Hyperkin will release a $50 Xbox 360 controller with USB-C

In addition to its design, Xenon benefits from another important argument: its price. In fact, the controller will be marketed at: $49.99, a lower price than current Xbox Series S and X controllers. Note, however, that these are current prices in the US and the manufacturer has not yet provided information on possible European prices. In addition, several new colors will also be available, for example red and pink

Despite everything, Xenon suffers from a nasty flaw that is hard to ignore. It will only be offered in wired version, of course with a USB-C connector, but still wired. At a time when wireless controllers have become a formality, this is a rather damaging shortcoming for mobile gamers. We will say that it is to relive the feelings of that time.

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