Xbox Series X: Americans panic over energy saving mode deemed too “awakened”

We didn’t see this coming. A few days ago, Microsoft released a new firmware update for Xbox Series X/S and One aimed at reducing power consumption. This brings some changes to the way consoles work; for example, by moving downloads during off-peak hours or automatically turning them off after a period of inactivity.

At first glance, this seems like a good thing, especially given the complex energy context we are going through and at a time when electricity bills are feared by many players. No ? Obviously not for Fox News. Known for its radical conservative stance, which does not prevent it from being one of the most powerful in the country, the American television channel is screaming scandal in the face of this terrible threat.

According to Fox News, Microsoft is trying to vaccinate kids with their Xbox

What threat, you ask? The threat, of course. It’s now the workhorse of Fox News, and therefore the Xbox Series X, this month Tuesday, January 24, did not escape its accusations. The introduction by host Ainsley Earhardt sets the tone: “Xbox has also announced that it will wake up due to climate change”.

And his colleague Jimmy Failla continues: “They try to involve your children in climate policies from an early age” the person who clearly thinks he is very well informed, “It’s not really going to reduce emissions.” It’s a great opportunity to remember that, contrary to what the two journalists think, it’s not just kids who play video games, and above all, reducing energy consumption is never a bad idea.

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