Xbox One bows, Microsoft will no longer develop games for console

We felt it coming. Already at the beginning of last year, Microsoft admitted that it stopped production of Xbox One in 2020. This was felt a few months later, when the developers began to slowly leave the console in the closet, only releasing their new games. And then, during the last Xbox Showcase, the event was halfway official: None of the games on offer announced an Xbox One version.

Finally today, Xbox Games Studios boss Matt Booty confirmed the news in an interview with Axios media and said Microsoft is no longer “Passed to the 9th generation” — i.e. Xbox Series X and S. In other words, Microsoft’s first-party studios will no longer be developing an Xbox One version of their games.

However, it’s a little early to throw away your “old” console. Indeed, games already available on Xbox One, not to mention the updates that will keep coming to games like Minecraft, will still be functional. Finally, Microsoft has one final card in hand: cloud games. So all Game Pass subscribers will be able to enjoy the latest games through this technology, thus preventing them from purchasing an Xbox Series X if they don’t need it.

The move comes shortly after Xbox boss Phil Spencer admitted that after the Redfall disaster, Microsoft lost the console wars to the PS4, a generation it calls the capital city. This was not the first time the Redmond firm had made such observations.

Source : axis

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