Xbox lets you report toxic players by recording their voices

Xbox announced that it is testing a new security feature that allows users to: report inappropriate in-game voice chat. more precisely, players can save footage of the last interaction for up to 60 secondsforward the reports to the security team responsible.

The security team will then evaluate the user’s report to determine if a policy violation has occurred. an updated notification detailing the player who submitted the report result and the reason for the sanction was decided. Note that this feature should only work in in-game voice chat, not Discord.

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Xbox wants to fight online toxicity with sound clips

It seems that the feature is only ” capture only the last 60 seconds of the game event which means players have to be fast. According to Microsoft, clips recorded in this way are saved online for 24 hoursand if you don’t complete the report within that time, you’ll get a reminder from Xbox.

With Responsive Voice Notification, Xbox continues to help gamers feel safe said Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute. ” By providing gamers with easy-to-use tools, we promote harmony while improving the health of the gaming community on Xbox. With measures like this, players can make sure they are in a safe and welcoming environment. “.

The feature is currently available for Xbox Insiders Alpha and Alpha-skip, but it’s unclear when it will roll out to everyone. Xbox Voice Reporting, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In addition to current generation games, the feature also supports multiplayer games from the Xbox 360 backwards compatible catalog. The feature will be available to console players first in several English-speaking markets: United States, Canada, Great Britain. Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

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