Xbox is preparing its own VR headset, but there’s bad news

Meta Quest Xbox

Meta and Microsoft have officially announced that they are collaborating on the creation of an Xbox VR headset. But unfortunately for VR game lovers This collaboration will not bring comprehensive headset support to the Xbox platform. At least not yet.

Instead, Microsoft and Meta have teamed up to create a special, limited-edition version of Meta’s VR Quest headset with Xbox branding and bonus features. As Meta explained, the two companies “ Collaborate again to create a limited-edition Xbox-inspired Meta Quest “. This isn’t the first time companies have come together on VR.

More than a decade ago, the software giant prototyped internal VR hardware “Kinect Glasses” for the original Xbox One console, but the concept was shelved. It even demoed the updated Xbox One before these plans also failed.

Although it’s not exactly what gamers were expecting, this new headset is likely Xbox’s Gaining a foothold in the growing VR space with minimal research and development costs. At the same time, Meta will achieve the kind of mainstream gaming legitimacy that the brand may still struggle to achieve with some audiences.

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