Xbox Cloud Gaming: The web version moves closer to a dematerialized console with this new interface

xbox cloud gaming interface

Are we heading straight for a dematerialized console with Xbox Cloud Gaming, the Microsoft service that lets you play hundreds of games hosted in the cloud? The latest additions made by the Redmond company seem to lean towards this theory.

For good reason, the manufacturer only Update the web version of Xbox Cloud GamingIt can be accessed via a browser as well as compatible connected TVs and Meta Quest VR headsets. To sum up, this new version is welcome a renewed interfaceThis includes certain features that were previously reserved for owners of Xbox One and Series X/S consoles.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming interface is getting better

Thus, this interface is particularly access your friends’ ongoing voice chatsbut also :

  • manage your contact list
  • create a discussion group
  • to send a text message
  • to see your achievements
  • manage notifications (downloads, Xbox Game Pass news, etc.)

All these features can be accessed with a simple press of the Xbox button, just like on the manufacturer’s consoles. Please note that this interface is currently being tested with Insider Program members. So don’t worry if you can’t find it right away. The general public will probably have to wait a few weeks before they can benefit from it.

As our colleagues BorderXbox Cloud Gaming users will also find these features on connected TVs and Meta Quest headsets. Doubts remain about voice chat, which is currently unavailable on Smart TVs.

As a reminder, Microsoft rolled out a brand new interface for the Xbox app on PC in February 2024. It includes certain design elements popularized by. Steam’s Big Picture mode, a display mode designed to use the platform on a TV with a controller. In July 2023, the interface of Xbox consoles was completely revised.

Source : Xbox

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