Xbox Cloud Gaming finally arrives on PCs running an ARM processor

Alongside officializing the new Surface PC lineup, the Surface Laptop 5, Surface Pro 9, and Surface Studio 2+ series, Microsoft has also announced the compatibility of its video game streaming service. Xbox Cloud Gaming with computers running ARM processors. This announcement primarily concerns the brand’s own computers, the Surface Pro X, as well as the all-new Surface Pro 9, powered by a Microsoft SQ 3 processor co-developed with Qualcomm.

Smart TV from Samsung, smartphones under Windows, Android or iOS, tablets under iPadOS, Steam Deck and now PC running under ARM processor. The list of xCloud compatible systems continues to grow and at this rate every connected device in the world will be able to run xCloud. As their blog post points out, Xbox Cloud Gaming Accessible in 28 countries on five continents one billion potential customers

XBox Cloud Gaming is now compatible with most connected devices on the market

Microsoft’s will couldn’t be clearer: “Our mission at Xbox is to let you play the games you want, with the people you want, on the device you want”. Netflix in VOD or Spotify in streaming music, like these now ubiquitous platforms, xCloud makes itself indispensable by opening its service to all possible and imaginable devices. The numbers are not a lie, Microsoft is overturning the competition with its 10 million subscribers. And announcements follow. Yesterday, the company announced a partnership with yesterday’s nemesis Google, which has given up on its ambitions in video games. owners Chromebooks will also be able to take advantage of the XBox Cloud Gaming beta.

Gamers will always prefer to play on their game console or, for example, a PC equipped with the GeForce RTX 4090, which can display Overwatch 2 at 500 fps. Ordinary people rarely need such processing power, and that’s what cloud gaming is for. All of the most demanding calculations for the graphics card and/or processor are delegated to the streaming platform’s remote servers. Knowing that a gaming console like the PlayStation 5 is sometimes impossible to find and a dedicated PC can cost upwards of €1000, the amount required to enjoy hundreds of games on xCloud seems like a pretty modest blow.

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