Xbox app on Windows now performs much better thanks to this update

Microsoft continues to develop the Xbox app on Windows. After the popular feature that specifies the time it takes to finish a game and the creation of a custom widget, the latest update focuses on one no less important aspect: performance. Indeed, in addition to minor improvements here and there, the update in question stops at this point.

On Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was also quick to confirm this. “The Xbox app on PC runs faster and smoother after this week’s update”He wrote. “We’re proud of the team that listens to player feedback and dramatically improves app performance”. Last week, it teased the arrival of this important update multiple times.

Browse the Xbox app faster

Just open the app today to perform it yourself. Pages actually load much faster and everything looks more fluid. In short, navigating different tabs is much more enjoyable than before. Added to this are various fixes, including some error messages when installing games or the option to change the installation disk that is displayed even when only one hard disk is available.

Overall, the experience still needs some improvement. Since its inception, the Xbox app has suffered from a lack of clarity or easily identifiable categories. But the speed with which Microsoft is responding to requests from its community is particularly admirable, especially when Windows encounters performance issues with AMD processors. The rest is definitely just a matter of time now.

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