Worst reason to play ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ on Switch revealed

The long-awaited arrival of ‘Hogwarts Legacy‘, the WB Games Avalanche game for consoles and PC, brought a different look to the version destined for the Nintendo Switch.

While the title impressively embraces the open world, the Switch’s hardware limitations required notable adjustments.

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ on Nintendo Switch

A video comparing the versions reveals visual and performance differences, especially in terms of loading times in the open world.

Upon entering Hogsmeade, the charming town north of Hogwartsgraphical cuts become apparent, showing a reduction in resolution, textures and frame rate.

Although the route is similar to the other versions, the experience on Switch requires starting a loading process by pressing a button, a need that is absent in the versions for PlayStationXbox and PC.

Avalanche’s initial plan was to release the title simultaneously on all platforms, but they initially focused on next-gen machines.

This resulted in delays, culminating in the PS4 and Xbox One release in the summer, while the Switch faced yet another delay, especially on the Japanese system.

The justification was the need to adequately adapt the experience to the hardware.


Hogwarts Legacy‘ unveils an engaging plot at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with the protagonist entering fifth year.

With the opportunity to learn about the wizarding world through classes such as Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms and Herbology, players can explore Hogwarts Castle in search of new adventures.

Adapting the game to the Nintendo Switch highlights the challenges of balancing the gaming experience on different platforms, sacrificing some visual and performance aspects to accommodate hardware capacity.

While the versions for other platforms offer an unrestricted experience, the Switch version provides a magical journey, albeit with some technical limitations.

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