Will your pocket be affected? GeForce Now will have readjusted prices

Players using the cloud gaming service GeForce Now you will soon see your subscription costs increase.

The company responsible for the announcement, NVIDIA, states that these changes are necessary to make a profit even after the significant increase in the service’s operating costs. The increase will only affect players from Europe and Canada.

In this context, it is important to remember that this increase is potentially related to the expansion of the GeForce Now library to add games from Game Pass PC, from Microsoftat the service.

New prices come into effect on November 1st

Image: NVIDIA/Reproduction

Below, check the adjusted values ​​(without considering additional fees and taxes):

Priority Plan

  • 1 month: €10.99 (approximately R$58.57);
  • 6 months: €54.99 (approximately R$293.17).

Ultimate Plan

  • 1 month: €21.99 (approximately R$117.17);
  • 6 months: €109 (approximately R$580).

Founders Ultimate Plan

  • 1 month: €19.99 (approximately R$106.51);
  • 6 months: €99.99 (approximately R$533).

Image: NVIDIA/Reproduction

It is important to note that only Ultimate plans and above will offer access to cloud computing equipped with powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 graphics cards, which provide a 4K gaming experience.

The good news for subscribers is that they have the option to freeze the price increase, keeping the subscription for up to six months, but they must do so before November.

A NVIDIA it also guarantees that it will continue to honor the original value of gift cards purchased, even after modification. For Founders for Life plan users, the subscription price will not change.

NVIDIA has not yet mentioned plans for price changes in other regions, suggesting that gamers in Brazil and elsewhere will not be affected for now.

However, the decision to adjust prices in Europe and Canada leaves a question mark over future subscription costs for gamers around the world, and GeForce Now users should keep an eye out for potential updates.

So while price adjustments may be a point of concern for some, it’s important to consider the service improvements and benefits that more advanced plans offer.

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