Wild Hearts Claw Blades weapon guide for beginners

Wild Hearts Claw Knives are sophisticated weapons that withstand air strikes and attach yourself to the enemy with a rope for greater control. In theory. In reality, it’s pretty hard to control your moves with Claw Blades because their crazy high-speed combos and elastic string can send you staggering around the arena. Still, it’s an unrivaled weapon for sheer speed and agility, and those who can control it will be impossible to hit. With that in mind, this guide with everything you need to know about Claw Blades in Wild Hearts will give you a solid foundation for airstrikes, with move sets, tips, tricks and more.

How to use Wild Hearts Claw Knives?

Claw Blades in Wild Hearts relies on speed and rope for unbeatable acrobatics. Basically, you run, put the tip of your line into the Kemono’s wing, and use it as a fulcrum to swing around and do crazy somersaults and combos, staying out of reach of the beast before diving into a barrage of quick hits. Leave even the Wild Hearts katana behind. It takes some getting used to because controlling it feels a little unnatural and the wide variety of combinations can blow you in different directions, but it’s arguably one of the most exciting Wild Hearts weapons out there.

Despite dozens of combos and variations, Claw Blades’ basic move set and controls are as follows:

  • X/A (after attacking): Improved jump
  • Square/X: Light attack
  • Triangle/Y: heavy attack
  • R2/RT: Claw Plunge (puts rope on enemy)
  • R2/RT (when connected): Quickly pull yourself towards the port
  • Circle/B (when connected): Quickly orbit/dodge around port

Even though you have the basics, the rope and claw hoe are the core core of this weapon, so let’s explain that now.

The fact that Claw Knives are already complex doesn’t help give it both a gun measure and a claw measure for Wild Hearts to keep in mind, but we’ll explain them and how they relate to each other here.

First, you have the weapon gauge – the little blue bar above your health. This increases as you rapidly damage enemies with light and heavy attacks, but currently does nothing – at least until you use the Claw Plunge attack to stab the enemy with your rope.

At this point, the weapon gauge empties and all progress there is transferred to the claw gauge; small circular gauge that appears when you connect. You have now anchored the beast and the claw gauge measures how long that anchor will last! It won’t run out if you stand still, but it will run out much faster when you do attacks and quick moves – basically anything that will shake it.

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Having a claw tie secured to a Kemono’s body gives you more combination and maneuverability options, but more importantly, it increases all the damage you deal. The higher the weapon’s gauge when you secure the rope, the more impact your attacks will have while it’s still attached! So, to get the best result in terms of both anchor time and damage, you want to fully maximize the weapon gauge before going for the Claw Plunge attack.

Claw Blades take some getting used to, because throwing them around is understandably confusing. Here’s some information to help get you grounded, even if you’re being tossed through the air.

  • Try to get your rope into Kemono’s weak spot to maximize the damage it inflicts.
  • Making Claw Plunges from Karakuri crates and bows will significantly increase the amount of Claw gauge you get, so use them whenever possible.
  • If the monster launches you and you hook up, use R2/RT to pull yourself back and prepare for a mid-air combo.
  • Use R1/RB to resolve yourself early if you need to.
  • Claw Plunge is always followed by moments when animation takes you away from the beast. If your plan is to get aggressive, press immediately again to pull yourself close again.
  • When you damage a monster while it is bound, your character will begin to glow, turning from yellow to orange and eventually to red. While in red, press R2/RT+Triangle/Y to cast the deadly Wingblade Crescent Slash, Claw Blades’ strongest move.

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