Who would you be in ‘Crazy Race’? Red Bull will compete with themed cars in SP

Did you know that Red Bull has its own “crazy race”? For some years now, the company has been holding ‘Reb Bull Ladeira Below’, an event that brings together drivers on a special circuit, in customized cars with pop culture themes.

The vehicles are not motorized and draw attention to the colors and characters that resemble a cartoon race. The 2024 edition will be held in June, and expectations are high.

The contest consists of going down a steep slope, counting only on the Gravity force. In addition to the descent time, the judges also give points for the decoration of the vehicles. They take into account some criteria, such as:

  • Originality;

  • Ingenuity;

  • Creativity;

  • Coherence with the proposed theme.

Fun and frolic

Image from the 2018 edition of ‘Red Bull Ladeira Below’ – Photo: Internet/Reproduction

The focus of the competition is precisely to motivate drivers to abuse the creativity and join in the fun. The 2024 edition will have gamer or POP themes.

In addition to the decoration, competitors will be able to bring guests or people dressed as famous characters. It is expected, for example, the participation of the streamer Gaules, from the esports FURIA, and other personalities from the scene, such as Sofia España, Noobzin, Mount, Brino and Otsuka.

“This geek vibe is very interesting because of the stigma that gamers don’t leave the house. So, seeing them get involved in an adventure like this could be really cool. In fact, if I built a cart, I would be inspired by Doctor Who, with the telephone booth, or a more allegorical parade with SpongeBob”, said streamer Mount.

How to participate?

The 2024 ‘Red Bull Ladeira Below’ will take place in São Paulo and registration is now open. They can be done directly in the event website. To do this, you need to include an illustration of the car project, a description of the vehicle and the names of the participants. Each team can have up to five people.

The 40 most creative ideas will be selected and announced in March. After that, the teams will have around three months to put the project into practice and have the vehicle ready for the race in June.

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