Who is the best character in Gotham Knights to choose?

Deciding who the best character in Gotham Knights is will always be somewhat subjective, as the superhero you’re most with will be the one closest to your own playstyle preferences. Whether you choose to sneak out, gain a technological edge with gadgets, support your co-op partner, or just get into an old-fashioned fight, Gotham Knights has someone who fits the bill. In this guide, we’ve outlined the main advantages of each of the characters available, including the Knighthood pass abilities you’ll use a lot for navigating Gotham City, so you can choose the best Gotham Knights character for you.

if we had For picking the best character from Gotham Knights, we would prefer Batgirl as her move set is the most familiar and easiest to obtain, plus her ability to hack their gadgets means you can distract yourself and deal damage from afar while you stay at the same time. undetected by your enemies. Remember, you can change characters in Gotham Knights when you come back to the Belfry so you’re not stuck with any decisions and can experiment to determine what works best for you.

Gotham Knights – Batgirl

Ideal for: Newer players, Hackers

Batgirl is an excellent starting character to choose, especially if you’re not familiar with the type of combat you’ll encounter in the game, as Abilities you can acquire early on will increase your base health and allow you to revive yourself once per encounter. health is depleted. Batgirl’s main specialty is hacking, with Abilities that can disable cameras and other devices via AR mode, overcharge enemies’ weapons to electrocute them, and even blow up electrical panels or turn turrets against their users.

Batgirl’s Knight transition ability floats on a Cloak, which is the closest to the original Batman’s mode of transportation. You can use this to fly long distances around the city, especially if you launch yourself from one of the higher viewpoints.

Gotham Knights – Robin

Gotham Knights tips

If you’re looking for some more tips, these Gotham Knights tips will help you battle, level up, and more.

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Best for: Privacy

Robin is an excellent character choice if you’d rather take a sneaky approach to fighting rather than attacking fiercely. After unlocking the Ability to move silently while running, you can acquire the Turnabout Takedown, which allows you to perform Takedowns and Stealth Strikes on large enemies that can give you a huge advantage when it comes to fighting a group of enemies. Robin is also the only character capable of performing Batman’s classic Vantage Hanging Takedown, where you dive to grab an enemy from one spot and take them away. Later Abilities allow Robin to disappear completely for a short time, allowing you to infiltrate areas or escape danger.

Robin has the Batman Family’s most unusual Knighthood pass ability, unlocking the Slideways teleport system from the Justice League satellite. This, when activated, pulls you into an aerial view of Gotham City, lets you move a reticle and choose where you want to teleport yourself, and while it looks cool it has a time limit and short range so it’s impractical. to travel greater distances.

Gotham Knights – Night Wing

Best for: Collaboration

Nightwing has some great moves, but what sets him apart from other heroes is how he evolves with allies. Unlocking the first Family Ties Ability not only increases Nightwing’s defense and resistance stats, but working with other members of the Batman Family grants additional buffs to Melee damage (Batgirl), Ranged damage (Red Hood), and Stealth damage (Robin). Nightwing’s acrobatics provide wide coverage, and his later Revive Darts Ability can be used to bring back a downed ally from afar, once per Night Patrol, so choosing one of them is definitely worth it if you’re playing co-op.

Nightwing also has the most useful Knighthood pass ability in the form of the Flying Trapeze. This is a rocket-powered glider that can fly as far as you want, even in inter-island waters, and while it’s not the fastest tool in its category, the freedom of movement it offers is unmatched.

Gotham Knights – Little Red Riding Hood

Best for: Fight

Red Hood is pretty much the antithesis of stealth as a character, and although he is capable of stealth in some ways, his movement in this area is limited and he is much better suited to enter with flaming weapons to inflict significant ranged damage. The Human Bomb Ability gives a significant advantage by attaching a concussion mine to a captured enemy, which can then be hit to detonate it and, with enough upgrades, six more mines are released to detonate to help clear the crowds. Located in the same upgrade tree, the Great Grab Ability also allows you to perform grab moves that make it significantly easier to defeat large enemies.

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Red Hood’s Knight pass ability is another unusual ability, as in Mystical Leap he can jump through the air on spirit platforms. This mode of transportation is pretty fast thanks to the wide borders it uses, but you gradually lose altitude as you travel, so at some point you have to start grappling and continue your journey to regain altitude.

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