Where to find Hogwarts Legacy, hide statues and unlock Alohomora

If you’re looking to find Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues, we have a good list here that will earn you Alohomora level 1, 2 and 3 and allow you to unlock many doors. These can be a pain to obtain, as they can only be accessed at night and often behind locked doors.

After reaching The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest, Gladwyn Moon will teach you the spell you need to unlock. Hogwarts Legacy Level 1 unlocks, alohomora However, if you find and bring another nine months to Gladwyn, she can teach you a stronger version of the unlocking spell Alohomora and teach you the same for another 13 months. Hogwarts Legacymost can be accessed with no Alohomora or only by using the first level of the spell.

Hogwarts Legacy demiguide statue locations

After collecting those first three months for Gladwyn, there’s no need to jump in. Hogwarts Legacy broomstick still chasing more. These four demiguise satellites can easily be found in the castle at night time, so if not, just enter the map and choose the option to change the time:

  1. South Wing decommissioned toilets: As you enter Gryffindor Tower from the Defense Against the Dark Arts block, walk along the corridor and past the unlocked bathroom to find a locked governor’s toilet with an out-of-use sign on the doorknob. Use Alohomora to open it and go through the middle compartment to a secret room with a demiguise inside.
  2. Muggle Studies: Head through the bell tower courtyard to the History of Magic class, where you’ll also find one of the highlights of the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian. Head down the stairs just in front of the classroom, pass the sleeping dragon statue, and open the locked door of the Muggle Studies classroom. The moon is on the table.
  3. Great Hall: Travel to the Great Hall and walk down the hall to the pulpit. Go right and you’ll find a locked door along the right wall. Use Alohomora to open the door and inside you will find another demiguise moon.
  4. Prophecy Class: Fast travel to the Divination class at night to retrieve the moon from the teacher’s desk, no spells required.
  5. Restricted Section (Library): Fast travel to the Library and go to the Restricted Section where you go to the Restricted Section Secrets quest. As you enter, go down the stairs to the wood paneled room with the enchanted book on your left and walk down the corridor to the right. When you spot one of the white Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests, look for the small table a few feet in front of it to hide it.
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Hogsmeade is full of obscured moons if you know where to find them. Once again, most of these months, while useful for others, do not require you to use Alohomora to get them. Most of the main shops in Hogsmeade have hidden statues, but these are the easiest to find:

  1. The special room above the Three Broomsticks: Enter the Three Broomsticks pub and go up the stairs as far as you can. You will find a locked door leading to the private room and after unlocking you will be greeted with another demiguise and Field Guide page if you are using Revelio.
  2. Pig Head: Go to Hog’s Head and find the demiguise on the counter.
  3. Skins and Scrolls: Go to Tomes and Scrolls and get behind the counter and the shopkeeper go into the side room on your left. Demiguise will be here.
  4. Gladrags Wizard Outfit: Another demiguise can be found at the Gladrags counter, which you can easily spot as you enter from Hogsmeade Square.
  5. Water Wheel House: In North Hogsmeade, just behind Zonko, you’ll see a waterwheel across the river. Here you will find a picture of a moth, as well as another exposed demiguide.

Now, head back to the castle and find Gladwyn wandering the Faculty Wing just steps away from the floo flame travel point. Give him the months and after a short cutscene you’ll be able to unlock Level 2 as well.

When you hand over the above nine months to Gladwyn, she will teach you Alohomora 2. You’ll now have access to some that are a little trickier to find moons all over the realm, and these are just a few you might want to buy if you want. To learn Alohomora 3. This time you will need 13, so this batch will do:

  1. Monsters Class: Quickly go to the Beasts Classroom and enter the cabin using Alohomora 2. Enter the room on your right and the demiguise will be sitting on the circular table.
  2. House near Hog’s Head: In Hogsmeade, head to the Hog’s Head pub and face the food cart outside. Walk towards it and find the locked door with Alohomora 2 and enter. Demiguise is on the top floor.
  3. Next to J. Pippin’s Potions: The house next door to the potion shop in Hogsmeade has a 2nd Floor locked door. After unlocking, go upstairs to find the bear on the bedroom dresser.
  4. The house behind Honeyduke’s: Turn right outside Honeydukes and jump off the ledge down the dirt road. Follow it to a house on your right, where once you break a Level I lock you will see another demiguise statue on a small table.
  5. Keendale: This doesn’t require any Alohomora spells, but it is a while away from the castle. Go to Keendale and look for a house with a pumpkin outside. Go to this unlocked house and get the demiguise statue.
  6. Pitt-Upon-Ford: Fast travel to this hamlet or fly there from the fast travel point at San Bakar’s Tower. Just before the first bridge, you want to go to the last house on the right as you walk down the path from the flood flame. Break the lock and go to the top floor of the house to find the demiguise statue.
  7. Feldcroft: Head to Feldcroft and head straight from the flood flame point to the ivy-filled house around the front door. Use the Alohomora to get in and the demiguise is on the window sill to your left.
  8. Demirdale: Finally, head to nearby Irondale and when you arrive at Floo Flame, enter the first house directly on your right. Demiguise is right in and your character will alert you when they see it.
  9. Arranshire: Fast travel to the hamlet of Arranshire and head to the locked Level I gate at the far end of the town centre. Demiguise is just inside.
  10. Upper Hogsfield: Head straight through the Floo flame point and enter the second house on your left. To the right of its front door is a small wooden wheel. Inside you will see a demiguise.
  11. Lower Hogsfield: When you arrive at the fast-track point, which is also the home of the Bickle family, where you meet Natsai, enter the first house on your right. Demiguise is to the right of the front door after you walk in.
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After delivering these last 13 statues, you will be able to learn from him when you return Alohomora 3 to Gladwyn.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and controversy due to JK Rowling’s public stance on gender identity, which continues to question the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer Hogwarts Legacy controversy.

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