Where to find Elden Ring Stonesword Keys and how to use them

Elden Ring Stonesword Keys are special keys used to open Imp Statue Seals and reveal new areas and items you might not otherwise be able to reach. You can find Imp Seals all over the map, long before you find any of the keys you can unlock them. So here are two issues to find the Elden Ring Stonesword Keys and know if it’s worth using them to find out what’s behind an Imp Statue Seal.

There are a lot of keys and doors in the game overall, so in the long run it will probably be enough to do what you want. However, you may have trouble finding enough to get started or know where to use them best. That’s why we’ll point you to the first few you’ll encounter in Elden Ring, so you’ll have an idea of ​​both some of the keys you can play with and what you can unlock. How Elden Ring Stonesword Keys work, how to get more and what they unlock.

Stone Sword Keys are a relatively rare consumable available in the Elden Ring. These little stone swords act as keys to sealed areas, which can range from small rooms with loot to shortcuts, alternative travel routes, and even dungeons with boss monsters that must be sent to get the treasure inside.

To use the Elden Ring Stonesword Keys to open a seal, you need to go to the Imp statue, which must be nearby. Some seals require more than one Stone Sword Key to unlock – usually two – but some will already have a key inserted, leaving you to add the last one.

Early in the Elden Ring, Stone Sword Keys are hard to find, so it’s not a good idea to waste your keys at every opportunity. We’ll show you what some of the first doors hide in a moment, but if you’re unsure whether to use a key or not, it may be helpful to look at the online messages left by other players. They can give a trend of what’s inside – for example, if a message is about “Faith”, it’s likely that there is an item for Priests and Faith structures on the other side.

While Stonesword Keys are rare, you’ll still be able to find a few as you progress through the Elden Ring. You can get one early in the game from Stormhill Shack, a weathered shack not far from the main road to Stormveil Castle. Later in the game, you’ll find that most merchants also sell Stone Sword Keys, allowing you to properly stock up and break previously unopened seals. However, they tend to sell them in limited numbers and not as a permanent option, so you can’t just hoard them and fill your inventory.

Stone Sword Keys can be found everywhere, but we have found that they are somewhat more common in older, more impressive areas (castles, ruins, buildings, etc.) than in the wilderness. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and players should be careful wherever they are.

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Besides the Storm Hill Shack, here are a few early playgrounds you can check out:

  • In the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave Lake, in an underground chamber near the dragon Agheel, there is a key on a corpse.
  • Passing through Stormveil Castle, you can reach a cracked area at the top of the Rampart Tower. There’s a corpse with a key inside.
  • In the southernmost part of Limgrace, near the end of the Bridge of Sacrifice, you will find a key.
  • Just southeast of Sacrifice Bridge, you’ll find a corpse on a sea-facing chair that can be looted for a key.
  • South of Limgrave, at the lowest end of the Weeping Peninsula, there is a key at Castle Morne. When you reach Grace Castle Behind the Site, you should be able to see a corpse hanging from a wooden platform with an item on it. That’s the key.
  • Again, as a general rule, Stone Sword Keys are usually (limited) sold by nomadic traders around the world. Look for their fairytale campfires and check their stock to see if they sell out.

There are many places around Elden Ring that have Imp Seals to unlock with Stone Sword Keys – some much better than others.

Depending on where you use them, you can unlock completely new dungeons or get small items. There is no consistency in what you can find – you can even get the famous Elden Ring Mimic Tear from one of them! Below, we’ve outlined some of the previous Imp Seals and what you can find from them. Click on the names above or scroll down to see what awaits you behind these magical barriers…

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

Note that a few minutes after completing the training ground, you will find your first Imp statue and your Elden Ring Stonesword Key seal. You will find this seal as you make your way through the ruins towards the elevator to Limgrave. You will see a Zone of Grace and to your right will be a white, misty wall and a statue of the Imp nearby. Breaking this seal takes you to the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon area.

But we don’t do that Recommend unlocking it early in the game, especially if you’ve chosen Stonesword Keys as your Elden Ring Memorabilia. Fringefolk Hero’s Grave is an incredibly challenging area, especially for new players, and is blocked by a huge pool of poison. The poison alone is problematic enough, but even if you do go through the poisonous liquid, you’ll still face traps, ghostly enemies, and a tough boss with fierce attacks. There’s plenty of loot to collect along the way, but overall, all this space should be left alone until you’ve significantly upgraded your Attributes and weapons.

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However, since Erdtree’s Favor contains a very powerful talisman called Talisman, we recommend returning at some point, which increases your HP, stamina, and equip charge. That alone is kind of a game changer, and you don’t even need to kill the boss for it, because he’s half protected by a pair of Vaccinations.

Cemetery Catacombs

Tombward Catacbombs Stonesword Key door can be opened to get the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [9] this allows you to craft the Rancor Pot. This summons ‘vengeful spirits’ to attack anyone you throw at them.

Calling Water Village

You’ll know you’ve found the right spot when you have to fight Tibia Mariner, a boating boss. When defeated, look for the underground stairs in a ruined building that leads to the Imp Sculpture Seal. Inside, you’ll find a very useful Green Turtle Amulet that increases the stamina regeneration rate.

round table hold

Once you reach Roundtable Hold, there’s a door you can open with a StoneSword Key, but there’s actually another door behind it that needs two keys above the first one. That means you’ll need three in total to get to the Assassin’s Prayerbook inside. If you give it to a cleric (Brother Corhyn or Brother Miriel or Priest of the Vows), you can unlock Assassin’s Approach or Darkness spells that mask the footstep sound or hide the player in a cloud, respectively.

Stormveil Castle Grafted Sprout

In the Stormveil Castle hall where you fight the Grafted Sprout, there is an Imp Statue Seal gate nearby. You’ll have to fight a few enemies if you turn it on, but when using Elden Ring Ashes of War you’ll get a Hawk Crest Wood Shield and an Iron Ballsharpener, which allow you to add a heavy, sharp or quality affinity to a weapon. . There’s also the Misercorde dagger with the quick step weapon skill.

Stormveil Castle Elevator Side Room

Between the Stormveil Castle Liftside Chamber Site of Grace and where you can fight the Grafted Scion, you’ll find an Imp Statue Seal down the stairs. Unlock and you can get Godslayer’s Seal which allows you to cast spells and increase Godslayer type spells. You can also get the Godskin Prayer Book, which unlocks the Black Flame and Black Flame Sword enchantment if you take it to a cleric (Brother Corhyn or Brother Miriel or Oath Priest).

Crying Evergoal

Weeping Evergaol is east of the Fourth Church of Marika; one of the stone circles that lets you trigger a boss fight. You can fight the Ancient Zamor Hero if you use a Stone Sword Key to open it. Defeating this frosty boss will grant you the Zamor Curved Sword (which scatter Frost buildup) and Zamor armor.

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