Where can I find GTA Online UFOs during the Halloween event?

GTA Online UFOs are back in the skies over Los Santos and Blaine County, so it’s time to start spreading the news and turning everyone into believers. Keep your camera handy, because your old conspiracy theorist friend Omega will pay top dollar for irrefutable proof that aliens have visited, and in addition to earning money, there are also some extraterrestrial outfits you need to unlock to complete certain missions during this event. Be sure to observe them from afar, as if you get too close they will disappear with a thunder and lightning strike and you will have to come back another time to try again. Towards the end of this GTA Online Halloween season, you should also prepare for the grand finale, as you can get to meet some out-of-this-world visitors yourself.

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Let’s be honest, GTA gamers love a good alien conspiracy theory, so it’s no surprise to see this out-of-this-world craft make a comeback in GTA Online. However, last year, they were little more than a cosmetic addition to the night sky and didn’t really serve a purpose, whereas this time around, there’s a collectible quest based on these ships filled with cash and outfits to be earned by eager players. track down photographic evidence of their existence. Naturally, if you’re here it means you want to make your own observations, so let’s take you to all the GTA Online UFO locations and explain what’s going on with them.

Where can I find GTA Online UFOs?

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GTA Online UFOs spawn in specific locations that change every real life day. We’ve marked their upcoming appearances on the map above as follows:

  1. October 13 – Paleto Forest
  2. October 14 – Pacific Ocean
  3. October 15 – Mount Chiliad
  4. 16 October – El Gordo Lighthouse
  5. October 17 – Altruist Camp
  6. October 18 – Silent Sonde Mountain
  7. 19 October – Satellite Transfer Station
  8. October 20 – Lago Zancudo
  9. October 21 – Lago Zancudo (see note) + Great Chaparral Shack
  10. October 22 – Great Senora Desert
  11. October 23 – Great Chaparral Farm
  12. October 24 – Palmer-Taylor Power Plant
  13. October 25 – Positions 1, 2 and 3
  14. October 26 – Locations 5, 8 and 11
  15. October 27 – Locations 6, 10 and 12
  16. October 28 – North Los Santos x5
  17. October 29 – Locations 16×5 + Central Los Santos x9
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GTA Online UFOs normally reach the sky between 10 PM and 3 AM in-game time and can appear multiple times in a calendar day. You don’t need to be playing in a specific game session to find them, so just wait for night to fall, then navigate to the location of the marked GTA Online UFOs and look for the lights hanging in the sky above.

For the first 12 days, there will be only one GTA Online UFO location – except on day 9, where a military version of the UFO will also reappear over Lago Zancudo at the same spot it was seen the previous day. Some of the earlier locations will be repeated on days 13 to 15, and five new UFOs will appear over northern Los Santos on day 16. Finally, on day 17, nine more UFOs can be seen in central Los Santos, in addition to the five UFOs from the previous day.

How to get GTA Online UFO rewards

Every time you see a new GTA Online UFO, take out your camera and take a picture of it, then you’ll see an extra prompt to send the picture to Omega. You will receive 1,000RP and GTA$15,000 for every different UFO image you send to him, excluding the military UFO on day 9, which instead earns you a fantastic GTA$50,000. Photographing and posting all UFOs during the event will earn you a GTA$50,000 bonus, plus the Glow, Black and Gray versions of Believe Cap will be unlocked.

Make sure to log in on the last day of the event as the sky will turn an alien color and GTA Online UFOs will appear all over Los Santos. This time the craft will not be lost when you approach them and any UFO will be abducted by entering the beam and you will wake up wearing the UFO Boxer Shorts, unlocking both the White and Green versions for your wardrobe.

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