Where can I find all the Crash 4 N. Verted hidden gems?

The Crash 4 N. Verted hidden gems can be collected after defeating a certain boss in the main story of It’s About Time, and then you unlock the Crash 4 N. Verted mod. Replaying all levels in this new mode brings even more challenges with mirroring scenes and applying different visual filters to mix the art style. If you think you know where to find these collectibles after buying Crash 4 hidden gems before, then think again, because these hidden items have been relocated to new locations that are more difficult to reach than before. Fear not, though, because we’ve documented each of the Crash 4 N. Verted hidden gem locations to guide you on your way.

rude awakening

Just at the beginning of the level, go back and walk to the right side of the beach to find the jewel.

N. Mental Health Summit

At the end of the level you will be in a chase sequence. Once you’ve jumped into the role, go up to find the top gem.

a real torture

At about a third of the level you will encounter six floating chests, one of which needs to be phased out. Jump into the metal box and look to the right of the screen to see a box in the air. Slide the jump and then double jump from the box to remove the jewel from the screen.

Impact Compactor

At the end of the level, as you fall between the progressive platforms, climb to the other side and scale the wall to the right to find the topmost jewel.

set off

After the first checkpoint, keep moving forward on the ramp, turn and slide under the metal grate to find the jewel.

Truck Stopped

After swinging the second rope, jump from the TNT crate to the platform above. Move away from the screen slowly from the edge to pick up the jewel dangling from the edge

booty calls

After the wall in front of you is blown up, run down the stairs and jump onto the moving platform in the water. While on the go, hop onto the dock on the right and find the jewel hidden behind the boxes.


When you reach the section as a collision, immediately go behind the left column to find the stone.

Hook, Line and Sinker

About two-thirds of the way, you’ll avoid spikes and balls. An enemy will be patrolling ahead. Jump over his head to grab the jewel in the air.

Jetboard Pier

When you reach the last jetboard section, don’t get on. Instead, turn around and walk behind the left side of the stairs to find the gem.

One Spin

After scaling a wall to a door with a canine enemy behind it, ignore it and instead use the dark power ability to turn to the right of the door and find the jewel in the air.

potion mayhem

When you reach Crash’s section, run to the right and go down the edge to find the jewel on a platform.


When you reach the first wall you scaled, work your way up. After scaling, use the dark power ability to jump behind the Chinese lanterns to find the hidden gem behind it.


When you reach a bridge with two dragons swirling around it, cross over and let some platforms fall. Below them you will see a hidden gem.

Closed Shot

Reach the checkpoint box with a large trash can on the left. The jewel is hidden behind it.

Home cooking

About halfway down the road you will destroy the mixing machines with TNT boxes. After the first you will be on a conveyor. Jump onto the bridge in the background, walk to the left and find the jewel.

Run the Bayou

At the beginning of the level, ignore the jetboard. Instead, slide the jump over the water to the platform on the left. Jump to the hatch above twice to find a gem and double-jump again.

Dillo No Lagging

Turn around after Crash’s first jetboard segment. Swipe the jump towards the screen to jump onto a platform and find a gem.

Snow Out

When you reach the river with all the ice platforms, finally platform the path to the waterfall. On the right you can jump into the waterfall and get the jewel.

becomes a ship

When you reach the river in this level, you will see a stack of chests on a platform on the right. Jump onto the platform and jump onto a chest to reach the top of the pile, then jump from there twice to find the jewel off the screen.

stay frosty

In the grinding rail section. After jumping through the barbed hoop, immediately hang it on the railing to find the jewel.

repetitive bears

When you get to the side-scrolling section and you are on the platforms that move with your weight, lower the platform on the right, jump immediately to the left and find the stone in the air.

Building Bridges

In the polar bear riding episode, you will come to a point where Cortex causes trees to fall. Jump to the left side of the first tree to find the gem.

Blast into the Past

Halfway through, you reach several boxes – one bouncing, two harder ones. Turn the jump from the jumping platform to the left side of the screen to find the hidden gem.

Fossil Fuel

You’ll find a bouncing chest and a TNT box early on. Turn the enemy in front of you into a bouncing platform, jump into the TNT chest and jump up to find the ore.

Dino Dash

Just before the first dinosaur chase sequence, you’ll run into a tree trunk. Inside, jump left to find the jewel.

Rock Blocked

Towards the end of the episode of Dingodile, as you scale the wall, you will find a TNT box with chests on it. Jump from the top vault and hover through the air to lift yourself even higher and find the stone.


In the beginning, enter the first room and immediately jump high to find the hidden gem above you.

Submission Error

Jump high to find the hidden gem before you take an elevator towards the end.

Move away

After going down an elevator, walk towards the screen to find the jewel.

Crash Landed

Use the blue gem path. After completing the side scrolling section by walking left, jump towards the screen to find a platform. Jump towards the screen again to find another gem and gem.

Food Run

At the end of the episode, as you switch between boxes and walls, you’ll find a hidden gem in one of the progressive boxes that you jump through.

Rush hour

You will jump between falling platforms right at the start. On the last platform, let it fall to find the jewel. Quickly re-flight to survive.

Chest Escape

Turn the first enemy into a jumping area while initially scaling the wall. Jump onto a chest on the right, then jump immediately to the left. You will find the jewel on a small ledge.

Nitro Processing

When you reach the checkpoint after navigating the gravity section with the gears, look to the left side of the screen to find a gem stuck behind the wall.

Toxic Tunnels

Use them to reach the right side of the screen instead of continuing to the left as you jump on the rotating platforms at the end. You will find a jewel in the air to jump.

Cortex Castle

After exiting the castle and taking the dark power mask, jump into the TNT chests on the left. Jump right as high as you can to get the hidden gem.

double vision

Eventually when you’re on the glove with all the masks on, you’ll have the ability to slow down time. Do this and jump through the saw blade to eventually jump into the chest. Double jump to find a hidden gem.

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