What are God of War Ragnarok Shattered Runes used for?

God of War Ragnarok Shattered Runes is one of them. manyResources you can find while exploring the Nine Realms, but these can only be crafted into more Hacksilver. They’re not particularly common, but they drop from numerous sources and provide you with a good source of income as you enter the next stages of God of War Ragnarok. To get you up to speed, everything you need to know about Shattered Runes in God of War Ragnarok, including what they do and how to get them.

What do Shattered Runes do in God of War Ragnarok?

Mine puzzles in Svartalfheim

If you get stuck trying to get through the pits in Svartalfheim or Applecore, our God of War Ragnarok mining puzzles guide will help you out.

Shattered Runes have no other purpose than to be transformed into Hacksilver. This much. To do this, go to any Dwarf blacksmith shop and go to the ‘Sell’ section. Then, under resources, you’ll see that you can trade 50 Shattered Runes for 5,000 Hacksilver at a time. 5,000 Hacksilver is definitely a good amount that can really help you afford your next desired armor upgrade, but you probably won’t have that many Shattered Runes until a few hours into God of War Ragnarok.

Other than trading for Hacksilver, there are no other uses we can find for Shattered Runes. They have no use in production as far as we can tell, and we’ve checked upgrades for every weapon attachment, armor piece, and other upgrade in the game.

How to get Shattered Runes in God of War Ragnarok

Shattered Runes like Hacksilver are one of the resources you tend to accumulate accidentally in God of War Ragnarok. Simply exploring, opening chests and defeating enemies will spawn plenty of Shattered Runes, and by the end of the game you’ll be practically swimming in them. Here are all the ways we found to obtain Shattered Runes:

  • Breaking objects: Hanging pots, vases, floating barrels, and partially buried vessels will usually drop small amounts of Hacksilver if you roll them or bump into them, but they have a chance to drop a few Shattered Runes as well. Whether you’re navigating on foot, on a boat, or on a sled, be mindful of these on your travels.
  • Defeating the bosses: Many boss enemies drop some Shattered Runes as part of their rewards. Make sure to collect them after the fight.
  • Treasure maps: Finding Treasure Maps and then digging up their buried loot will also earn you some Shattered Runes. Check out our God of War Ragnarok Treasure Maps guide to see where they all are.
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