Warzone Combat Pack provides a free Operator skin and more for PlayStation Plus members

The next free Warzone Combat Pack has landed to celebrate Season 5 of Vanguard and Warzone, titled ‘Coastal Villa’ and themed for countryside travel, providing a new look for Operator Constanze Muller with weapon blueprints, a watch and emblem, and more. thing. The Coastal Villa bundle gives you a total of nine Warzone freebies, and they are exclusive to PS5 or PS4 as you must be a player on one of the Sony platforms with an active PlayStation Plus subscription at Essential or higher to add them to your device. cabinet.

The best Warzone weapons

Equip yourself with the best Warzone weapons to gain a competitive edge against your enemies in the online shooter.

You’ll find Warzone free Combat Pack, Coastal Villa in the PlayStation store – search for ‘Combat Pack’ or browse the in-game store under the Franchise if it doesn’t appear on any Warzone page. Store option. As long as you sign up for PS Plus, it just has to have an ‘Add to Library’ option to claim it instantly; no download required.

In seconds to do so, you’ll receive a Vanguard-themed pack that includes a skin for Operator Constanze Muller, as well as Sniper Rife and Shotgun blueprints, a watch, talisman, calling card, emblem, sticker, and a coin for 60. double XP per minute. That’s not a bad selection of gear for a free gift, and it’ll help you look good on the battlefield… unless you’re paired with a bunch of other PS Plus subscribers with the same specs.

What’s in the Call of Duty Warzone Combat Pack Coastal Villa?

The Warzone Combat Pack for Vanguard Season 5 features Operator Constanze Muller, one of the Sentinel soldiers unlocked by Vanguard. The gear you can get for him is either Legendary or Epic tier and includes both the Sniper Rifle and Shotgun blueprints.

Here’s everything in Warzone Combat Pack Coastal Villa:

  • Legendary Operator Skin for Constanze Muller – Florentine Cover
  • Legendary Sniper Rifle Weapon Plan – Black Rose
  • Legendary Shotgun Weapon Blueprint – Hot wine
  • Legendary Clock – Legend of the Sky
  • epic emblem – Rustic Model
  • Epic Calling Card – Keep watch
  • epic sticker – German Tourism
  • Epic Weapon Talisman – Sky Blue Jalopy
  • 60 minutes of Double XP Tokens

While most of this is cosmetic, the plans are pretty solid. The Sniper Rifle gives you a Mercury Silencer barrel, Kovalevskaya 820mm R1MN barrel, ZAC Custom MZ stock, plus Heavy Foregrip lower barrel, .30-06 20 Round magazine, Extended ammo, and a Leather Grip at the rear. Meanwhile, the Shotgun provides an A5 Smoothbore barrel, Sawed-Off barrel, 1913 Variable 4-8x optics, Raised Stock, Double Aught magazine, Buck and Slug ammo, and a Pine Tar Rear Grip.

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The Double XP Token can be found and activated by following the View Tokens prompt in the Warzone menu, but keep in mind that these consumables count down in real time rather than in-game time – you don’t want it to end. they waste their time sitting in a lobby.

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