Video games: this is how the EU wants to protect minors from addiction and abuse

Video game addiction is a public health issue addressed in many countries. In China, a region particularly affected by this phenomenon, authorities claim to have fixed the problem. Indeed, China would have achieved its goals thanks to the multiple measures introduced, such as limiting gaming time to 3 hours a week and banning gaming after 10 PM.

In Europe, the problem of addiction to video games has recently been a problem. New report from the European Parliament. It was accepted with 577 votes in favor, 56 against and 15 abstentions. this report calls for new special measures to strengthen the protection of minors Provides greater transparency against abusive practices and to parents.

More transparent information about video games

Members of the European Parliament are calling for this in particular. clear information about the content of the games, their purchasing policies and the age group they are targetingand suggests a possible change to the PEGI system (currently in force in over 38 countries).

In addition, the European Parliament wants developers to step in. Effective protections against being encouraged to make in-game purchases for minors with real money. According to the institution, this application “may be linked to financial crimes and human rights violations”. Also, video game studiosavoid designing games that foster addiction and should take into account the child’s age, rights and vulnerabilities”.

Greater accessibility and inclusivity

Still, in an effort to move towards a healthier model, the EU legislature has to “consider the video game industry”.prioritizing data protection, gender balance, player security” And this without discrimination against people with disabilities.

Regarding the accessibility issue, more and more studios are offering many options for people with disabilities in their games. This is especially true for God of War: Ragnarok and its 60 different options. Recently, Sony also introduced Project Leonardo, a controller designed specifically for people with disabilities. At Microsoft, the adaptive controller has been used since 2018.

Finally, the European Parliament simplification of return and return procedures, also at the end of illegal practices that allow players to trade, sell or bet on video game sites. “Our report highlights the positive aspects of this pioneering industry as well as the social risks we need to keep in mind, such as the mental health impact of video games. This can particularly affect younger players.” said rapporteur Adriana Maldonado López at the plenary session.

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