Valve drastically changes the rules for presenting games on Steam

When browsing the Steam store, it’s common to come across images of games that brag about their value in their images. Often times we have notes of special sites next to the name or mention of awards received here and there. from 1private September, such practices will no longer be allowed.

Valve has indeed updated its policy. To present a game, now will require a clean image, only with the title of the game in question. Subtitles and specifying new content will be allowed, but nothing more.

Valve changes its game delivery rules

This new policy could penalize junior developers fully emphasizing good grades to stand out. Valve states that this data will not disappear from the platform as it will be displayed on the game page.

Valve writes on its official website:

“We’ve noticed for some time that the graphical assets submitted by the development teams include more text, logos of laureates, and even review scores. (…) For example, some game logos have shrunk so much that it is difficult to tell which game it is. In other cases, images of graphic elements are covered with award-winning logos and ratings that make it difficult to read. »

Add After language argument, wholly legitimate:

“We also see that in most cases these texts added to images are in English, excluding a large portion of the non-speaking Steam customer base. »

In every situation, this is a change that shouldn’t penalize the user too much., but that some developers have to change their lives relying on their quality to seduce. We’ll have to find other ways to stand out in a Steam full of nuggets.

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