Valheim Mistlands update, Mountains, roadmap and more revealed

The list of Valheim Mistlands update concept art and teasers is growing steadily. True, we don’t know much about the Mistlands release yet, but at least we know a little about it. new Valhiem weaponsMurder Moths, Killer Rabbits and Spider Dungeons to share with you.

While waiting for Mistlands, Valheim received a few minor updates like the Swamp update and Frost Caves. If you want to keep up with what’s new in Valheim, here’s an overview of all the updates since Hearth and Home. Valheim Mistlands has yet to arrive, but in the meantime, restless Vikings can explore the new Mountain Cave update. Following the Swamp and Christmas updates, Frost Caves are the latest additions since Hearth and Home.

To help you keep up with the Mistlands release date, sneak peeks, and every little pre-Mistlands update, here’s a full rundown of everything new in Valheim.

The Mistlands biome is the next big Valheim update.

Mistlands will be the first new biome since Valheim was released in early access. Since each Valheim biome has its own unique landscape, creatures, and final boss, the Mistlands update is expected to have a bigger impact on the game than Hearth and Home, which focus on building materials and food upgrades.

So far we know the Valheim team is working on the terrain and textures of Mistlands (see image). Mistlands looks like it will take on a grassy surface in a humid environment. And (no big surprises here) we can see some of the fog in the distance. Iron Gate also confirmed that the landscape is taking shape, as seen in the image released by CEO Richard Svensson:

see more

As some of you may know, the Mist has actually been a part of the world of Valheim from the beginning, but the landscape is temporary and there aren’t any creatures yet. The Last Mist could be completely different, so it may or may not have spider webs or giant skulls.

Valheim Mistlands locations and creatures

Iron Gate recently shared some Mistlands concept art. When the new Biome arrives you’d better make sure you carry the appropriate armor and weapons, because it seems like deadly moths are coming to Valheim. Other than that, we still don’t know what terrorists will swarm the new region.

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Besides the bugs, it looks like we’ll be seeing killer rabbits in Mistlands. Or maybe their rabbits have been captured. Maybe the bright blue eye and scaly pattern can be misleading; this ghost bunny can also be our new Mistlands helper. Or will it end up at the cooking station?

Then there’s this dungeon-like structure that strongly hints at a spider-like presence in the Mist Realm. The idea might be the same as the mini dungeon Crypts in the Frost Caves in the Swamp and Mountains, just with less skeletons and wolves and more spider webs.

Valheim Mistlands weapons

We finally got our first look at some of the new weapons coming with the Mistlands update! So far, there is a crossbow and a bow that seems to be made of bone. It is not yet clear whether these bows are made from items found in the Mist Realm. For example, it is possible that the Skeleton Bow (or Spinal Bow) was simply made from Skeleton Bone drops. Note that the Mistlands update may contain new items that are not necessarily linked to this biome.

Valheim Mistlands release date

There is no release date yet for Mistlands. Given that it will be much larger than Hearth and Home, we shouldn’t expect it before mid-2022. On March 25, the developers said the new biome is “still quite a while away, but we’re excited about it and we’re excited about it.” We believe the result will be worth the wait.”

After the release of Hearth and Home, Valheim developer Iron Gate said they will be working on some minor updates to add before Mistlands arrives. And they kept that promise: we’ve been welcoming the Swamp update, the Armor Stand update, and the Frost Caves update since late 2021 (more on these below).

However, Frost Caves seems to be the last minor addition to the game before the next major update. In their March 25 Steam post, the Valheim developers confirmed that they’re now fully focused on Mistlands.

Will Valheim be on the Steam Deck?

Short answer: yes. Iron Gate confirmed in their Steam post on March 25 that Valheim has been verified by Valve on the Steam Deck, which means it’s fully compatible. To add a bit more detail: Valheim displays Steam Deck controller icons, the in-game interface is legible, works with onboard controls, and the default graphics configuration performs well.

Valheim Swamp update and armor stand

Valheim has received three minor updates since the Hearth and Home release. First, the Swamp Biome update added the following enemies and items to Valheim:

  • abominations: new Swamp mini-bosses. They look like tree stumps and tend to spawn in open water.
  • disgusting Trophies: Earned by defeating Abomination.
  • Root: A new material dropped by the Abominations.
  • root armor: A new armor set made from Roots, Ancient Bark, and Deer Hide.
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The second minor update, coming just before Christmas, added a few seasonal items (like the Yule Hat and Yule tree) as well as an Armor Stand. Fulfilling a long-standing request from the player base, the Armor Stand is used to showcase any armor piece or full set. It’s kind of storage, but mostly looks cool.

If you’re wondering how to make an Armor Stand, it’s pretty simple: eight pieces of Fine Wood (Birch and Oak), two Leather Scraps (Fallen from the Pig), and four Iron Nails (forged; find the Scrap Iron in the swamp).

Mount Valheim biome update: Frost caverns

The third minor Valheim update since Hearth and Home, the long-awaited Mountain Cave update arrived on March 1. Introducing ‘Frost Caves’ filled with new creatures, items and resources. Travel to a previously unexplored patch of Mountain Biome to discover your first Caves.

Here’s a quick overview of everything new in the Valheim Frost Cave update:

  • Frost Cave mini-dungeons: new Mountain areas similar to Sunken Vaults in the Swamp. They are meant only as a source of loot; You cannot use it to build Ice Caves.
  • New creatures: You will find Bats, Ulv and Cultists inside Frost Caves.
  • New armor set: Fenris Armor. It makes you look like a wolf and protects you against fire damage.
  • New weapon: Flesh Rippers.
  • New decorations: Red Carpet, Red Curtains and Standing Grill. The second is a light source similar to a campfire.

Valheim roadmap: The Cult of the Wolf, Ships and the Sea

Some Valheim players are wondering what happened to the original roadmap released earlier in 2021. There were four updates planned for this year, and the first of these (Hearth and Home) has arrived. As Mistlands was originally the fourth update of this year, that leaves behind update number two, ‘Cult of the Wolf’, and update three, ‘Ships and the Sea’.

As originally described, it would be an expansion of the Mountain biome by adding Wolf Cult, new wolf-like creatures and of course a cult. You guessed it, these ideas became part of the smaller Frost Caves update instead.

As for the ship update, this could also be a smaller pre-Mistlands update. However, since we haven’t heard anything about ships for a while, this update may also be delayed or be part of the next big update after Mistlands.

We’ve only got concept art, early development images, and imagination, but it’s never too early to start imagining new Valheim adventures, right?

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