Valheim cheats, console commands and spawn item list

Valheim cheats, also called console commands, are a real lifesaver. They’re also great if you don’t like the grind. That’s right, using cheats… is cheating, but would you still say that when you were hunted by Deathsquitos? If you’re fast, the God Mode command can save you from respawning.

Valheim commands can help you be as creative as possible as well as save you from enemies. Do you want to build a big Viking town? No need to cut down a billion trees; just use the ‘spawn wood’ command and you can go directly to the building.

Here’s how Valheim cheats work, including a list of available commands.

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How to access Valheim cheats and console commands

You need to enable Valheim cheats before starting the game. To do this, right-click on the game name in your library and select ‘properties’. From here look for Launch Options under the General tab. To enter -console it looks like this in the text box:

Close the window and start the game and you will be at work. As before, you can press F5 to open the developer console. BUT, like the action, the command has changed and now you have to enter developer commands to enable Valheim cheats instead of the old term ‘imacheater’. As before, you can also disable cheats by typing. developer commands Again.

Note that although you can freely enter Valheim cheat codes in single player mode, you can only use them in multiplayer mode if you are the server host or have been granted access by the current server host.

Valheim cheats and console commands

Enter any of the following Valheim cheat codes to activate the indicated effects:

  • God – Activate god mode for immunity and one hit kills
  • ghost – Activate ghost mode where enemies ignore you
  • ability to raise [skill] [amount] – Increases the specified skill by the amount entered
  • skill reset [skill] – Reset specified skill to 0
  • reset character – Reset character skills and inventory
  • improve – Full health for your character
  • to vomit – Reset hunger and default health and stamina for your character
  • hair – Remove your character’s hair
  • beard – Remove your character’s beard
  • model [nr] – Switch between male and female character, use 0 or 1
  • dpsdebug – Toggles damage per second
  • players [nr] – Scale the difficulty based on player counts, with 1 for no scaling and 0 to reset scaling
  • free flight – Access the free camera
  • ffsmooth 1 – Free camera smoothing
  • ffsmooth 0 – Free camera resets smoothing
  • save – Force save game
  • exploration map – Clear the fog and view the full map
  • reset map – Clear exploration and reset full map
  • location – Show player coordinates
  • go [x,y] or go [x,y,z] – Move the player to the entered coordinates
  • Location – Set a new spawn location
  • kill them all – Kill all the enemies in the area
  • tame – Tame all creatures in the area
  • remove drops – Remove all dropped items in the area
  • wind [angle] [intensity] – Adjust wind direction and intensity with 0 angle for north and intensity between 0 and 1
  • wind again – Reset wind direction and intensity
  • tod [nr] – Set the time of day to 0 or 1 for midnight, 0.5 for noon and -1 to return to natural time
  • jump time [nr] – Skip forward the specified number of seconds
  • to sleep – Skip forward one day
  • Activity [name] – Start the specified event
  • stop event – Stop current event
  • random event – Start a random event
  • spawn [item] [quantity] [level] – Uncover specified item (see below)
  • debug mode – Enter Creative Mode where you can then press:
    * Z – Enter/Exit Flight Mode
    * K – Kill all the enemies in the area
    * B – Enter/exit No Placement Cost Mode = Repair tools and equipment without a Bench and do anything at zero cost
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Valheim spawn item list

Using the cheat code spawn [item] [quantity] [level] Along with the Valheim spawn item list, you can have any item in the game appear in front of you, for example spawn 50 coins to get 50 coins or Goblin 3 2 spawn for three second-level Goblins. Here are some spawn codes to get you started:

  • blackMetal
  • Bowhunter
  • BeautifulWood
  • flint
  • haldor
  • obsidian
  • Silver
  • SledgeStagbreaker
  • TrollHide

You can find a complete Valheim spawn item code list here (opens in new tab)but keep in mind that some of these items may be related to content that is not yet available or may be corrupted, so be careful about which ones you throw in your game.

Valheim server commands

In addition to the Valheim cheats, there are also a number of server commands you can enable to assist the administrator:

  • Help – View a list of available console commands
  • to ping – Ping the server to measure latency
  • lodbia [nr] – Set the draw distance for the server from 1 to 5
  • information – Displays current system information
  • throw a kick [name/ip/userID] – Kick the specified user
  • ban [name/ip/userID] – Ban specified user
  • lift the ban [ip/userID] – Unban the specified user
  • forbidden – View a list of banned users