Valheim biomes, regions and what to expect explained

Valheim biomes are very important as the goal of the game is to conquer them all. We begin our Viking adventure in the relatively peaceful place of Meadows, but it won’t be long before we have to battle through the terrifying Black Forest. Like all other Valheim biomes, the Black Forest has its own unique landscape, resources, and enemies.

In other words, exploring the Valheim biomes means you have to be prepared to face a variety of Greydwarves, Skeletons, and Deathsquitos. And as if that wasn’t enough, every Valheim biome comes with an end boss; one of the abandoned.

To make sure you survive (at least for a while), here’s an overview of each Valheim biome and what to expect.

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Valheim biome list

Here are all nine Valheim biomes, including three that were not developed:


The friendliest of all the biomes, the Meadows are the Meadows where you are also likely to spawn. Beech, Birch and Oak trees as well as Pigs, Gray Wolves and Deer spawn here. In a Meadows biome you can find all the essential resources you need to get started. You’ll also find Eikthyr, the first boss marked on your map at the start of the game, in a Meadows.

black Forest

Usually adjacent to the Meadows and sometimes confusing the border between the wooded parts of the Meadows biomes, the Black Forest is a hostile land populated with Gridwarfs, Skeletons, and sometimes Trolls. Enter a Black Forest and you can find all kinds of resources like Copper and Tin along with Caves and Burial Chambers. The Black Forest is also the only biome where the Valheim merchant spawns. The second boss, the Elder, can be found in the Black Forest.


Then there is the Swamp. Expect low visibility, lots of mud and thick trees here, as the swamp biome is even harder than the Black Forest. You’ll be fighting Draugrs, Skeletons, Wraiths, Surtlings… and Abominations since the Hearth and Home update. Sunken Vaults can be found along with Iron Scraps in the Marshes that require Keys to be opened. You’ll also fight Bone Mass, boss number three, here as well.

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The mountains are covered in snow and have a lot of verticality as you might expect. Here you will find Fir trees along with Wolves, Dragons, werewolf-like Fenrings and Stone Golems. Also here you will find the Obsidian and Silver Ore veins along with the boss four Moders. Mountains are expected to receive an update soon that will add Caves.


The Plains biome is essentially a grassy desert rather than sand. Here you can find some unique creatures like Fulings, Loxes and Deathsquitos. Since January and Home, the Plains have also been filled with Tar Pits, home to Grows. Goblin-like Fulings come in different types (Berserker, Shaman) and live in Fuling Villages. Unlike other Valheim creatures, they have their own houses, watchtowers and farms. Yagluth, the fifth and final boss at the time of writing in early access, is also found in the Plains biome.


The ocean biome speaks for itself. Whether it’s the basic raft you can craft at the start or a tallship that is the largest boat in the game, you’ll need a boat to get through, and there isn’t much to learn there other than Leviathans and Serpents. Snakes can attack you and your ship, so don’t jump into the water if you can avoid it. Leviathans, on the other hand, are friendly giants that appear as small islands. If you start digging these islands, Leviathan will gradually disappear under the water.

Mistlands, Deep North and Ashlands

Now we move on to the “in development” biomes. They’re technically already in the game – Mistlands can be found on the eastern and western borders of every map, Deep North is at the top and Ashlands is at the bottom – but they’re seriously lacking in content and nothing. there is not much to do there.

After Hearth and Home came out, developer Valheim confirmed that the team is currently working on Mistlands, which is expected to arrive in 2022. The nearly empty Mistlands we saw earlier contained a group of huge trees with cobwebs. However, the developers warned us that the final version of Mistlands could look very different.

The Deep North is similar to the Mountains biome in that it is very snowy, but slightly flatter than the screenshots.

Finally, the Ashlands are a barren wasteland. Currently, only Surtlings can be found here.

One theory as to why these biomes exist in the game, although not explained in detail, is that once an update arrives to add content to these regions, players will not need to launch a new world to access this content; biomes will already exist. Whether this is true is yet to be discovered, but we look forward to finding out.