Use Junk Rift in Wreck Ravine or Rocky Wreckage in Fortnite

To use a Junk Rift in Wreck Ravine or Rocky Wreckage in Fortnite, there are two obvious components you must complete: finding a Junk Rift and getting to the right place to deploy it. Thanks to the recent unwrapping, you’re likely to see Junk Rifts around the battle royale as part of the overall loot pool, so getting to the right place to use it becomes a critical part of this mission in Week 13 Fortnite missions.

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Both locations are Fortnite highlights, which means you won’t see them marked on the island’s main map, and while you may remember one of them from previous missions this season, the other is featured for the first time. We don’t want you to spend any more time than necessary on this quest, so we offer you Fortnite Wreck Ravine and Rocky Wreckage locations and some tips on where to look for nearby Junk Rifts so you can complete this quest quickly. .

Where to buy Junk Rift in Fortnite

Fortnite Junk Rifts are glass jars with a rift and rockets attached to the sides, and you can find them as floor loot or in chests and supply drops around the island. If you are working on this quest and find a Junk Rift, be sure to wait in your inventory until you reach one of the two indicated locations to use it. When thrown, the Junk Rift will spawn an object above – everything from a car to a metal dinosaur! – then falls to the ground, destroying any structures it hits and dealing serious damage to all enemies in its path.

Fortnite Wreck Ravine and Rocky Wreckage locations

As shown on the map, you’ll find Wreck Ravine in the snowy biome just west of Logjam Junction or north of Rave Cave, depending on your approach direction. Rocky Wreckage, on the other hand, is located in the desert biome just west of Rocky Reels, or east of Greasy Grove if you’re coming from a mushroom-filled area. Wreck Ravine is generally quieter than Rocky Wreckage because Rocky Wreckage risks players flooding north from Tilted Towers, but there are more details on both of these highlights below.

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Use a Junk Rift in Wreck Ravine in Fortnite

Fortnite Wreck Ravine is a valley on the northwest end of the island filled with boats, shipping containers, and rusty old cars. If you don’t have a Junk Rift by the time you get here, then one of the Fortnite gas stations to the east is a good place to look, and if you haven’t had luck there, we’ve seen them often at Logjam Junction. and a little further east.

Use a Junk Rift in Rocky Wreckage in Fortnite

Fortnite Rocky Wreckage is a location you may have visited before, as it is one of the Fortnite crashed IO Airships featured in many other missions. The colorful skeleton of this balloon can be found in the northwest corner of the desert between the two roads, and if you need to find a Scrap Rift there, the Rocky Reels to the east or the Butter Barn to the south are perfect places to look.