Uncharted: franchise reboot coming on PS5 and Xbox Series?

With Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Naughty Dog studio definitely drew a line under Nathan Drake. However, this does not mean that Sony, the publisher of the games in the saga, is done with the license. In April 2022, we learned that Naughty Dog is seeking developers for new projects branded Uncharted. What should be considered an Uncharted 5? There is only one step.

Rightfully so, it’s hard to imagine Sony having such a popular franchise sunk into oblivion. The PS5 port of Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy was critically acclaimed and sold well. This thing was also confirmed after the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves build was released on PC in October 2022.

The film adaptation of Uncharted was also a hit at the box office, giving the start of 2022 the best debut in France. And frankly, Sony is determined to hold onto this goose that lays the golden egg. According to a report from TheLeak.co site quoted by Insider Gaming, Sony would confirm the development of the Uncharted reboot.

Against Restart Uncharted on PS5 and Xbox Series?

According to the two sources cited in this article, The Japanese publisher would have chosen to entrust the project to a brand new studio.. As a matter of fact, we would not be able to find Naughty Dog at the controls. Still, The Last of Us fathers would oversee development. Of course, these revelations should be taken a little salty.

However, it should not be forgotten that Sony recently confirmed the existence of a new San Diego-based studio. It was supposed to work with Naughty Dog”an exciting new project”. In October 2022, many specialist media published a job offer from Sony. creation of a new team on an important project, in collaboration with Naughty Dog. You’ll agree, all this information reinforces TheLeak.co’s statements.

Now it remains to see what Sony and this studio have prepared for us. A remake of the first Uncharted? A brand new story with another character as the hero? For example, we especially think about the daughters of Nathan and Elena. The bets are open.

Source: via TheLeak.co Insider Game

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