Ubisoft aims to standardize subscription services, but encounters resistance

A Ubisoft, one of the leading game producers, advocates a significant change in the electronic games industry by encouraging the widespread adoption of subscription services.

Philippe Tremblay, the company’s director of subscriptions, expressed the idea that gamers need to get used to the idea of ​​no longer owning games, suggesting that the predominant consumption of digital entertainment will be through subscription services.

The future of subscription-based gaming

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Tremblay commented on the rapid expansion of subscription services in recent years and compared the changing behavior of players with the transition from DVD to streaming services.

He emphasized the need for players to feel comfortable not owning individual games, highlighting the persistence of in-game progress even when accessing at different times.

Creator of ‘Baldur’s Gate’ commented on the Ubisoft president’s speeches, emphasizing that content will always be the priority – Image: X/Reproduction

These statements immediately generated reactions in the industry, not only among players, but also among producers.

Swen Vincke, leader of Larian Studios and creator of the acclaimed ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’, expressed his disagreement with the idea of ​​including his game in subscription services, especially given the possibility of a restricted group deciding which titles enter the market.

“No matter what the future holds, content will always be most important. But it will be much more difficult to have good content if [o serviço por subscrição] become the dominant model and a limited group decides what goes to market and what doesn’t,” Vincke said in response to Tremblay’s comments.

He also stated that Larian Studios games will not be available on subscription services.

Ubisoft’s stance sparked a heated debate about the future of gaming industrywith many questioning the implications for gamers, independent developers and the diversity of titles available in a landscape dominated by subscription services.

The conflict of opinions highlights the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the evolution of the business model in the electronic gaming sector.

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