Twitch and Microsoft team up to give you Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

Microsoft has signed a new partnership with Twitch regarding Game Pass. Get or offer two subscriptions (subscriptions) on the platform by November 11 It will grant access to three months of Game Pass.

The principle is very simple. Just link your two accounts (Twitch and Xbox) and crack for two subscriptions (2.99 Euros per month). Once completed, you can enjoy three months of Game Pass PC (€9.99 per month). Sufficient save a small amount!

Try Game Pass for less on Twitch

However, please note that this offer is not for everyone. Indeed, you should never subscribe to Game Pass to take advantage of it. This is also a PC-only Game Pass that doesn’t include the (more expensive) cloud option. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good configuration to run the service’s big games. This offer is valid from next November 3, i.e. tomorrow, 18:00. it will end 11 November at 23:00 So you have time, but do not drag!

With this offer, Microsoft aims to attract a new target audience, namely potential subscribers who have never taken the plunge. It must be said that the entire strategy of the Redmond company has revolved around Game Pass for several years. The concept is simple: versus monthly subscription, The player has access to thousands of titles at no additional cost. Recently, major productions such as A Plague Tale Requiem have entered the catalogue.

That’s why Game Pass continues to make Microsoft happy. Recently, the featured game in the cloud (12.99 euros per month). 20 million customers have launched at least one game through the servers of the American company. If you’ve never tried Game Pass and want to get started, Twitch’s offering is very interesting.

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