Top 5 Stories in the GTA Series

Developed by Rockstar North, the GTA series is full of action-packed stories, weapons and excitement. This versatile game idea, introduced by Rockstar through the Grand Theft Auto Series, has been copied by many other production companies. However, the originality of GTA games remains constant because of their amazing stories. While some stories brought tears to the eyes of fans at how compelling and heart-wrenching the events in the story were, others made many players laugh on the floor, crying over the unique humor of the Grand Theft Auto characters.

In this article, we have listed the top picks for the best stories in the GTA series.

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5 Best GTA Stories

one. Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA 4 is referred to as the best by many Grand Theft Auto game in terms of story. GTA 4 has a very serious style and tells a very serious and grounded story of trauma, revenge and immigrant mentality. The main character, Niko Bellic, is an Eastern European war veteran who immigrates to Liberty City to forget the terrifying and striking memories of his past for a better life. But things don’t go as planned as he has to eliminate the gangsters and moneylenders who prevent his cousin Roman from making free money.

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This story delivers absolute seriousness, relatable and real-life content with a generous touch of humor.

2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

This GTA Released in 2004, the game has the most passionate and ambitious touch to its story. The game begins with a sad tone when the protagonist’s (Carl Johnson) mother dies from an open fire that has to return from Liberty City to Los Santos. On his journey to avenge his mother’s death, he must kill Tenpenny, a corrupt police officer. This story shows the grief, betrayal, moments of happiness and the best humor in the entire Grand Theft Auto series.

GTA San Andreas
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3. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 probably has the best paced plot in the series. It has the most direct plot, with an ingenious opening sequence that makes up one of the main contradictions of the title. GTA 5 gradually introduces the player to 3 very dynamic heroes, Franklin, Michael and Trevor, which makes the story and gameplay even more interesting. The idea of ​​having multiple heroes and their separate lives and their own missions to achieve a common goal is so perfectly framed in the story of this game.

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4. Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Arguably the most played GTA game of all time, it is the most action-packed and well-framed story in the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA Vice City portrays revenge, anger, macho behavior and betrayal. Tommy Vercetti returns to Vice City and gets involved in a drug trade while some men try to hunt him down with guns. Fortunately, Tommy manages to escape the area safely, but the real question still remains; Who stole Tommy’s Coke?

GTA evil city
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5. Grand Theft Auto III

It is the first GTA game with a 3D screen, but also the first game completed for its story. Released in 2001, this game saw its hero rise through the ranks of the mafia and avenge the person who wronged him.

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The story starts with ClaudeIn , the protagonist and his girlfriend, Catalina, rob a bank, where Catalina suddenly betrays him and shoots him in the head. This clarifies the aims of the game and the story ends with Claude finding a way to get revenge.

These are some of the best stories in the Grand Theft Auto series. However, behind all these games is a huge production team and each game is equally loved by the players.