Top 5 Characters in GTA Vice City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories is the first game in the whole world. Grand Theft Auto The story that many players don’t know. This game takes place in 1984. Published by Rockstar Games, this Rockstar North game is the tenth game in the Grand Theft Auto series. The game was first released exclusively for PlayStation Portable in October 2006.

GTA Vice City stories take place in Vice City while it is still under construction. We can learn the stories behind the buildings and structures in Vice City from the story of Vice City stories. The game serves as a base for the city and structure we saw in GTA Vice City.

In this article, we’ve listed some of our top picks for the best. characters In GTA Vice City Stories.

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Top 5 Characters in GTA Vice City Stories

5. Louise Cassidy Williams

For many players of this GTA game, Louise plays a character too risky whether to consider her an important character or a passive character. However, avid gamers can understand that Louise is actually one of the main reasons for the story of Vice City stories. The main character is Victor Vance’s love in the game and he values ​​her very much. At the time of his death, Victor experiences a complete emotional breakdown and wants nothing but revenge. Also, Victor’s brother, Lance Vance, states in Vice City that he wants to avenge his brother’s woman.

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4. Phil Cassidy

Phil Cassidy has a separate fan base when it comes to side characters in Grand Theft Auto. Phil is literally present in every Grand Theft Auto 3D universe game. He plays some of the important things in every game. Similarly, in Vice City stories, he is one of the main characters for whom we have to do tasks. There are some pretty amazing missions in the game.

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3. Jerry Martinez

He’s apparently a very respectable character in the game because he’s an army officer. Jerry He is one of the first characters introduced in the game and gives Victor the first quests of the game. He does not take his position seriously and is generally a man of lax morals, as evidenced by his involvement in the drug trade, helping prostitutes, and watching porn movies as the Barracks.

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2. Umberto Robina

A very well crafted character. Umberto is hilarious and a big coward, but he tries to show everyone that he is the bravest person in the whole city. He is the leader of the Cubans, a gang in Little Havana, and tasks Victor with sabotaging the business of the Cholos, a Mexican street gang that is in a fierce turf war with the Cubans.

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one. Reni Wassulmaier

Reni is a transgender avant-garde film director from Germany in GTA Vice City Stories. On the Flashback FM radio station, she talks about being a prostitute and being in pornographic movies as a woman. Reni’s life is threatened by Diego Mendez, who is at war with Victor, but mainly causes Reni to put Victor in contact with Ricardo Diaz, a major rival of Diego and his brother Armando.

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These are the best characters of the hero in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories who helped with the graduation of the game. All these characters have a great creation set and very creatively created.

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