This is what Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Nintendo Switch OLED special edition will look like

The wait around The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has increased noticeably over the past few days. Recently, more or less plausible rumors have surfaced on forums around the world. In particular, we were talking to you yesterday about a tip that would point to a hypothetical multiplayer mode, but it seems unlikely to us.

Today’s leak looks much more plausible. On Reddit, quite often, a user has indeed posted a few photos of his Nintendo Switch OLED collector, and that collection will likely be sold in a bundle that also includes the game. Greener colors than ancestral symbols found in Joycon.

Discover the Nintendo Switch OLED collector’s item for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

As for the dock, it will be adorned with the Triforce’s emblem and again surrounded by ancient drawings of a vanishing Hyrule. As such, it’s a very cool item that will surely console some who choose to own a Nintendo Switch Pro. The announcement of the game did indeed stir up old console rumors, and many were hoping Tears of the Kingdom would be the perfect opportunity to launch the second one.

nintendo switch oled zelda tears of the kingdom 2

Unfortunately, according to the latest news, the project, which was already looking quite advanced, was canceled at Nintendo’s offices. That’s why the next Zelda will release on the current Switch 6 years after Breath of the Wild. If the latter blew players away at launch, a console that has been suffering from the whims of the era for a while now expects its successor to be on its way.

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