These are the latest games released for PS1 around the world

The history of PlayStation 1 (PS1) is a tale of innovation and longevity. Even after the emergence of new generations of consoles, such as its successor, the PlayStation 2, and the first Xbox, the PS1 continued to surprise with significant launches, each uniquely marking the end of its era.

Check out the latest games released this year below. console around the world.

‘FIFA Football 2005’

Cover of the game ‘FIFA Football 2005’ – Image: X/@_Arsiv_/Reproduction

In the United States and Canada, the PS1 had its farewell marked by ‘FIFA Football 2005’, released on October 12, 2004. At that time, the North America had a distinct focus on sports games for the console.

‘FIFA Football 2005’ was a milestone, symbolizing the end of an era and the pinnacle of the PS1 as a console that defined the sports gaming genre.

Along with other sports releases that year, it reinforced the PS1’s role in the development of the electronic sports gaming scene.

‘Moorhuhn X’

Scene from the game ‘Moorhuhn X’ – Image: Import It All/Reproduction

In Europe, the last game to grace the PS1 was ‘Moorhuhn X’, released on July 20, 2005. Originally developed for the PS2its adaptation for the PS1 was a gesture that emphasized the durability and charisma of the console.

‘Moorhuhn X’ was a first-person shooter that featured a shooting gallery experience, providing European players with an immersive and fun experience.

This launch was a true celebration of the PS1’s legacy in Europe, a continent that has always enthusiastically embraced the era of video games.

‘Strider Hiryu’

Scene from the game ‘Strider Hiryu’ – Image: Hardcore Gamer/Reproduction

In Japan, the farewell to the PS1 came with ‘Strider Hiryu’, released on October 24, 2006. This game was not just another title available in the console’s vast game library, but a connection between the past and the present.

Originally an arcade hit in 1989, ‘Strider Hiryu’ was adapted for the PS1 as an action platformer that challenged players with its fast, intense gameplay and stylized visuals.

Its launch, taking place a few weeks before the premiere of PS3served as a testament to the PS1’s timeless appeal and its ability to excel with games that transcended generations.

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