The surprising relationship between video games and physical exercise – understand now

The gaming universe attracts billions of people around the world. The number of fans and supporters of the practice of play video game it only increases, to the point of generating studies and research into the dependency relationship that some people develop.

It is believed, for example, that the satisfaction generated by games is related to psychological needs, also evident in the practice of physical exercise.

We are talking, for example, about the needs for autonomy, social bonds and competence.

These three characteristics have a direct relationship with feelings of motivation and well-being. Playing video games, in some cases, can provide this, as it is a practice that can entertain and engage the individual.

This, not to mention the playful aspect of the game and the satisfaction it generates, just like physical exercise.

Relationship between games and psychology

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In general, games are made to meet the desires and psychological needs of users.

So much so that players enjoy a feeling of skill and connection with other people when playing in groups or online.

Furthermore, current games, with increasingly realistic and immersive graphics, are able to meet personal desires, such as: autonomy, testing or developing skills and social bonding.

The feeling of freedom, in a completely different world and with options to choose from, fosters the feeling of autonomy that is so pleasurable for human beings.

It’s the type of situation that puts the person at the center, as if they were the protagonist.

The same degree of autonomy can be experienced in physical exercise, as each person is able to choose the sport they want to practice, the types of exercise, weights and intensities.

Skills development

Games also help people feel a sense of progress. This is closely linked to the desire to continue playing, acting as an incentive to continue evolving.

This feeling of skill and competence naturally engages human beings. The video game highlights this very clearly, especially when it divides the game’s trajectory into phases, “levels” or volumes.

This same possibility is noticeable in physical exercises. When learning new movements or progressing in sports performance, the feeling of satisfaction is compatible with that of games.

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Crossfit, for example, is a modality that stands out in this sense.

Social belonging

Another aspect triggered by current games is the possibility of establishing social bonds, which is another psychological need.

Games that involve simultaneous players or players connected live over the internet contribute to this.

This same feeling is noticeable in collective physical activities, with mutual participation. A recent survey, carried out with almost 39 thousand players, revealed that the amount of gaming does not harm well-being.

What would be able to do this, in fact, is the motivational experience you have when playing. It’s worth reflecting on this.