The shell of the 700 euro Steam Deck is cracking, users are cracking up

flow deck cracks

As you know, Valve released a new version of its hybrid portable console Steam Deck in November 2023. There are a lot of improvements to the program, obviously starting with: Using the 7.4″ OLED screen A better refresh rate (60 Hz vs 90 Hz) instead of an LCD panel, HDR support, a more efficient processor (APU is engraved at 6 Nm) and more autonomy Thanks to a more generous battery (40 Whr vs 50 Whr).

With the Steam Deck OLED, the American manufacturer has ensured that its console remains up to date against the ever-increasing competition in the portable console market. We’re obviously considering the Nintendo Switch OLED, but we’re also considering the ASUS machine ROG Ally.

When releasing this new version, Valve chose to release it in two different versions. So a model sold for 569€ and Limited edition priced at €679. At this price, users can enjoy expanded storage capacity with a 1TB NVMe SSD, premium anti-glare treatment on the display, a carrying case with removable lining, and even some special features. a clear plastic shell.

Cracks distort the Steam Deck OLED’s shell

But it seems this shell actually poses a problem for some players. In fact, many owners of this version of Steam Deck noticed the appearance of: a few cracks behind their machines. Testimonials, along with supporting photos, have begun to flourish on Reddit in recent weeks.

The plastic shell next to the vent has cracked and now the section near the SD card slot is moving. I have never dropped my Steam Deck and always stored it in its provided case when not in use. I hope it is not a quality problem of the translucent material of the shell…”, writes a concerned user.

flow deck cracks flow deck cracks

Another says: “I recently noticed cracks in the screw holes on the back of my Steam Deck OLED […] “I just wanted to see if anyone had sent their SD in and had it repaired or if it was under Valve warranty.”

According to various testimonies, The problem seems to be caused by the screws located on the back of the machine. According to users, these bolts are over tightenedThis caused cracks in the plastic shell. Some stated that they were unable to receive compensation from Valve, while others claimed otherwise after dealing with the manufacturer several times. For now The brand did not make any statement on the subject. So, are you worried about this crack problem? Let us know in the comments.

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Source : Kotaku