The new target of this company, which has already bent Apple and Google, is Valve.

As early as 2002, Immersion Corporation sued Sony and Microsoft. Accusing them in court of improperly using patented technology in their game console’s controllers, the company can still boast of having won every time. Lawyers todayImmersion demands money from Valve.

Immersion Corporation executives accuse Valve of infringing one or more of its patents and using them on the Steam Deck, portable game console, and Valve Index VR headset. by the way BorderImmersion Corporation seeks compensation, copyrights, and an injunction that prohibits Valve from distributing, operating, maintaining, testing, and using the aforementioned technologies. Unless the manufacturer decides to license the technologies in question.

Valve sued over vibration technology used in its portable console

Immersion is most definitely known for inventing controller vibration technologies, which can also be found on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s now famous for accumulating so many patents, leaders are now happy to attack companies using more or less the same technologies. This predatory tactic has worked well so far. Instead of going to court and defending their intellectual property, companies like Sony Microsoft and even Apple preferred to resolve the issue amicably.against hard and stumbling money.

As we can imagine, Valve would have done well without such a situation. Steam Deck faces ever-increasing competition. In addition to Nintendo’s game console, the American company now has to contend with ROG Ally and the G Cloud, which Logitech has launched in Europe at a very aggressive price.

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