The Last of Us PC: permanent death, unlimited FPS, here’s what’s new

For several years now Sony has made a habit of bringing their biggest hits, released on Playstation, to PC. PC gamers have managed to discover Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, on their machines, not forgetting Insomniac’s two Spider-Man games and one particular God of War recently.

Note that this is the same remake released on PS5 in August 2022. A welcomed quality revision in our columns during our testing. After Naughty Dog and Sony announced the game’s minimum and recommended configurations a few days ago exclusive features of this port in a short video.

Unlimited FPS, Permadeath mode, here’s what’s new in The Last of Us PC

In the technical part, the manufacturer confirms support. AMD FSR 2.2 and Nvidia DLSS, renowned AI-powered oversampling technologies. Enough to guarantee flawless fluidity even if your equipment is limited.

Strictly speaking of fluidity, Naughty Dog is announcing unlimited framerate in this release. In other words, you’re free to blow up the FPS counter, provided your setup explicitly allows it. We continue this overview with support for ultra widescreen in 21:9 and 32:9 formats. 3D audio is also planned.

In terms of controls, if the keyboard-mouse combination is clearly part of the game, it will also be possible to play The Last of Us with numerous controllers, DualSense in mind. All orders will also be customizable.

Regarding gameplay, PC gamers will be able to enjoy two additional game modes: SpeedRun modefor chrono addicts and permanent death modeFor those looking for a full-bodied challenge.

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