The Last of Us Part I: Launch on PC was disastrous, players report plenty of bugs

The Last of Us Part I is Sony’s latest cartridge to launch on the PC market today. And certainly not just any cartridge, because absolutely one of the most loved PlayStation games of all time. Combined with HBO’s series adaptation, which just finished its first season, all the elements were there for the PC version to be a huge hit. However, the opposite happens.

As surprising as it may seem, Naughty Dog’s legendary game is currently on hold. average “rather negative” reviews on Steam. Everyone in the comments says the same thing: the title is too full of insects it is simply unplayable. “It takes too long, it loads every 2 minutes. Mistakes, mistakes everywhere. The game crashes. I had to reboot 2 times in a 20 minute gap”, so he bears witness to one of them.

Wait for the patch before playing The Last of Us on PC

However, the launch of this PC version was delayed by 25 days to give developers time to fix these bugs, Naughty Dog later announced it wanted. “Startups on PC are done in the best possible conditions”. Unfortunately, this delay does not seem to have been enough. At this stage, everything points to:A patch is absolutely necessary to be able to enjoy the title.

Solutions are still suggested in the comments. Some indeed show that lEmulating framerate at 60 FPS and enabling V-Sync, most of the optimization problems go away. Naughty Dog confirmed on Twitter that it is aware of the bugs faced by players, and their teams “we are actively investigating multiple reported issues”.

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